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G U I D E . B O O K
S E C T I O N B : W E L C O M E

(n) A longing for ones home; stronger than mere home sickness.

So you finally found us. We’ve been expecting you. Hmmm… You are late and we have work to do, s,o lets get started.
Pull up a cushion in a comfortable spot and rest those weary feet. You’ve been looking for a place to call home for far too long; a place to put your stories, empty your head and fill it with new and exciting adventures. You’re a writer, just like us; so, we can only assume you’re here to settle down to a delightful story, no?
You long for a world that is not real in this one, a wold that only exists in your dreams and in your imagination. Well… Sit, and let your mind feast! Indulge in our already existing plots, or if you prefer, find a free space and create your own world.

H O W . I T . W O R K S

Hiraeth is a PG 13+ with some 18+ content in apropriatly marked places, play by post Story Book Website created for you, by you. Here, there are no rules on creation. Your character is how you would him/ her to be, the world is as you create it and the story – well, the stories are waiting to be written.
You may notice that the website is set out differently to what you are use to. That’s because it is. We like to cater for as many writing style as we can, so, our play area is divided into four different sections –
  • In Character:
    Here you do not need to begin new threads for your characters when the plot thickens to different area like you do with Territorial based story boards. The story remains in one thread the entire time; like a novel, it grows and grows. The three boards are as follows:

    • Plotting - This is specifically an out of character board. Here, you would network with other players to make a basic plot line before posting; but you could also keep the thread in this board open as you are playing out the plot to further discuss it in an out of character setting.

      Please note that it is not a requirement to build a plot before posting anywhere; however, it is encouraged to build your skills as a writer.

    • Mundane - Generally, this is for players whom only want to play a non-supernatural story. Supernatural characters cannot join in stories here unless the creator of the thread, and/ or those involved agree upon it.

    • Supernatural – This board is for supernatural players and Mundane humans alike. Essentially, this board is for all players. Anyone can write here and join stories at the makers behest.

    • Independent - For those that wish to simply write by themselves. This is generally used for character development. However, you could use it for many things – to record a moment in history, to write a story that has nothing to do with the characters in Hiraeth, poetry – Anything.
      The rule here is that others cannot post in your thread. It is made for single threads for one person.

  • Territorial Posting - This is where you will find the generic style of Role Play posting. Within, we have created a small world where your characters can play in territorial/ area segregated boards. (Such as, The City, The Forest, The sanctum etc.) These boards are generally for small threads in different places that create a story when combined. When your character moves from a certain place (The City) to another place, (The Forest) you would create a new thread in the new area.
    This is generally built like a game, that is why you will often here the term Role Play Game when people refer for forum based writing. We offer In Character Purchasing, In Character employment opportunities, Real Estate purchasing in conjunction to character development, and many more features. You will only find these features in the Territorial Posting Boards.

The two are practically the same (In Charatcer and Territorial Posting.), it is just that the layout of the writing is much different. Just choose which you prefer; and just because you choose one, does not mean you can’t use the other. Use both if you wish! You can use your character in both areas too, as long as they stick to the same time Line.


As a writer we all know that imagination is key; and imagination knows no bounds. If you feel like our web site is inadequate for your character, tell us. If your wolf pack requires a territory because the others have been taken – tell us and we will work with you to create it. If your vampire wants to own a nightclub – we will help you build it!
Having a peek through the guide book will show you that we have Group Guide Chapters for distinct species of characters; you will also notice that they are incomplete. Help us to fill them. If you are an expert in Shamans – help us create a Shaman Guide Chapter. As we keep saying – imagination is endless. Perhaps you create a completely new species and would like to give others the chance to play it – We will help you make a Guide! Anything that you write, design or create will have your name on it.

W E ‘ R E . H E R E . F O R . Y O U

Too often we find that our actions are being managed by an upper authority. We do understand that some are necessary in this world, but no one has the right to manage your imagination but you. Hiraeth holds no bounds. We choose our staff carefully, they’re here for you. If there is something on Hiraeth that bothers you – tell a staff member. If there is something that you think would work better a different way – notify the staff. If you are having trouble with something – ask the staff. If you require something for your character that we do not yet cater for – query the staff! It doesn’t end there, we will work with you until the matter is solved.

W H O . C A N . P L A Y. H E R E

Anyone can play here. Simple. If you over the age of 13 years, then you can play here too. Bring your friends, bring your family – Bring everyone!
Hiraeth loosely translates to ”A longing for home; more than a mere sickness.”. So it is both fitting and ironic that you would find a place to call home here.