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 Real Estate - Territory.

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Real Estate - Territory. Empty
PostSubject: Real Estate - Territory.   Real Estate - Territory. EmptyTue Sep 05, 2017 8:11 pm

Hiraeth offers many features to enhance the players time here, one of which is the support of free creativity.
There are some rules to follow when creating a Territorial Board, see here.

This is the Main Territory your creation will be located in. North/ East/ West/ South.

Sub Territory:
If it is located in a sub-territory, which one.

Territory Name:
What is the name of your creation?

Detailed Description:
Give a detailed description for the Geography page. This includes

  • The one whom discovered it (your character).
  • The story of how they came across it.
  • What kind of animals/ creatures live there.
  • Its main geographical features.
  • Its weather patterns in all four seasons.

Short description:
This is for within the boards, it is what people will see when writing a reply in your territory.
A short reminder of where they are.

Board Picture:
This picture will go on the front of the territory, it must be no smaller than 1500 pixels in width.

Picture within board:
This is for within the boards, it is what people will see when writing a reply in your territory.
A short reminder of where they are.
It mus be no smaller than 800 pixels width.

Reason for creation:
Why have you created this board? Does it serve a purpose?

You are required to have posted three threads in order to show that your territory can be a valid one used by many/ all. Provide the links to each below.
URL #1:

URL #2:

URL #3:

<b>Territory:</b> Text Here.

<b>Sub Territory:</b> Text Here.

<b>Territory Name:</b> Text Here.

<b>Detailed Description:</b> Text Here.

<b>Short description:</b> Text Here.

<b>Board Picture:</b> Text Here.

<b>Picture within board:</b> Text Here.

<b>Reason for creation:</b> Text Here.

<b>URL #1:</b> Text Here.

<b>URL #2:</b> Text Here.

<b>URL #3:</b> Text Here.
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Real Estate - Territory.
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