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 Registry - New Family.

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Registry - New Family. Empty
PostSubject: Registry - New Family.   Registry - New Family. EmptyWed Sep 06, 2017 5:48 am

There are very few boundaries on Hiraeth and we implore character development. We understand that as the site develops, so too will our  member base grow. This means that new families - covens, packs, tribe, guild etc. - will be created. There are some Guide Lines when creating a new family, so please adhere to the rules here; and fill out the form below.

*Ideally, when creating a new family, search through those that are existing and make sure there isn't already a family that shares your beliefs, ideology, cultures etc.
This is because a range of ideas would prove to be more successful than two or three families with the same alignment and ideology. This will also allow members the opportunity to choose between a few different families, but it can allow the chance for those who have more unruly members to not feel shunned and ousted because their character is not the submissive 'I'll do what you tell me to' type.

*The individual families can have their own rules, while still following the rules of the over all site. Define points that make that family stand out in Hiraeth so it does not appear the families are really one in the same. This could also give you an edge over competing families for new members. So be creative and make your family stand out!

*Ranks- Can be determined by the new Leaders of the family. You can decide the names of the ranks within the family and work out their own Roster on how they want it designed and set up. We are just admin overseeing the site to make sure everything is running smoothly, it's your family, so do as you wish; remaining within the site rules as a whole.

*If the Leader leaves or goes on an extending absence with out notice- The new family will be given a time frame to find a new leader with a min of 4 followers before the family is considered disbanded and all information is moved to the archives.

*Only one of your characters may be a Leader at any given time. How ever, you can hold a high rank in another family with another character. This enables the chance for more people to take up leading positions.

*Members can not automatically know if a character is in another family or not. Something we need to stress because if the plots do thicken and we could have spies from one family enter the other. If everyone knows which family they belong too, then the point of a spy is useless and there goes that idea.

*The creator must have a min of 100IC posts with the character they wish to be Leader and they need to have a min of 4 adult followers who are going to join the family once it is approved. The followers must each have a post requirement of 20IC posts each.
An exception to this rule: Should a new registered member have five followers ready to go immediately, they may submit an application for checking as long as the five followers sign up before the application is submitted; but in order to claim some land, they will need to move their familyk in as a gathering of lones and take one or two territories from an already existing family by means of force. (See below)

*A family may inherit an already claimed piece of land through a battle. The land may only be the Border of a families land. If the battle is won by the challenging family then the land will be claimed as theirs and the losers family land will be reduced as will the Territory Border.

*Family applications are open at any time; how ever, if the Leader does not have a following of at least 4 members, the new family will be denied.


Family Name:
This will be the name of your Pack, Coven, Tribe, Guild etc.

Primary species of your family.

Territory claimed:
There are certain laws to follow when first aiming to create a family, one is to claim a Territory for every five members you accumulate, by warding off trespassers in three separate threads - Please list them complete with URL. Please adhere to the Guide Book for further information on Real Estate - Territories.
URL #1:
URL #2:
URL #3:

Number of current members:
At the time of Form Submission.

List of Names of current members:
This is so that if you family is accepted, we can add them to the group.

A sign/ symbol that they will be known by.

See here.

The study of their origin and nature.

Standards of behavior; principles of right and wrong.

The ideas, customs, and social behavior.

These are the ranks of your Family, you can make them up at your own discretion or use those that are already in play.


<b>Family Name:</b>
Text Here.

Text Here.

<b>Territory claimed:</b> Text Here.

URL #1: Text Here.
URL #2: Text Here.
URL #3: Text Here.

<b>Number of current members:</b>
Text Here.

<b>List of current members:</b>
Text Here.

Text Here.

Text Here.

Text Here.

Text Here.

Text Here.

Text Here.

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Registry - New Family.
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