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Name - Danarius "Bladewolf" Blackthorne

Age - A few thousand years, but, biologically, comparable to a male in his mid to late 20s

Height and Weight - this differs substantially between his forms he is capable of taking, so, they are listed here.

Xenoran - This is what would be called his "human form", though he is quite assuredly not human, let alone from this plane of existence.
This form stands at 7 feet, and weighs in at 350 pounds, making him a monster of a man.

Lycan - The typical werewolf, lycanthrope, etc, form. This form, like his xenoran form, is also rather large, weighing in at 500 pounds and standing 10 feet tall.

Shadow Lycan - This form, in places, has become the horrifying stuff of legend, when he assumes this form, he balloons up to 2000 pounds, a literal TON of lycan, standing in at 15 feet.

Wolf - Standing 5 feet at the shoulders, and 8 feet from nose to tail tip, carrying 250 pounds, he is truly a brute of a wolf

Scent - a cold smell, but, not of a dank dark cave. To catch a whiff of him elicits thoughts of a dark, cold, crisp moonless night, with a hint of a distant, warm, tavern brewery

Race - Xenoran, this is a humanoid species from Serus, which is colloquially referred to as 'The Shadow Realm'. They are just as varied and diverse as humans on earth. They are not the only dominant, or sentient, species on the world, but, they are certainly a formidable force under the guidance of House Blackthorne.

Species - Essentially lycanthrope

Group - Lone

Breed - Shadow Wolf

Voice - Confident, strong, a mix somewhere between Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and Vin Diesel as Dominic Torreto

Birthday - He was born in the depths of winter, which, due to time dilation and such between planes of existence, if one were to do the calculations to
translate it, would actually put his birthday in the early part of February, probably around the 10th.

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Powers - Shadow Manipulation, he has utter mastery of shadows and darkness, able to wield them as armor, weapons, seemingly sentient monstrous constructs obey his command.

Strengths and Weaknesses - His strengths? Look at how big he is, one of his strengths is, just that, strength.  He is a ferocious fighter, preffering to come out you head as opposed to being sneaky.  He may not be the most subtle of individuals, but you will know when he is coming at you, and you will know he keeps his word.  He is incredibly dedicated to his friends, and has repeatedly fought to the point of his own physical failure.
As for other direct weaknesses? Well, someone who knows how to properly utilize light, in both sufficient quantity, and with the needed precision, then, they can give him quite the difficult time.

Personality - Big, open, boisterous, he likes to be friendly with people, or, at least he did.  The stress of not just living, but, surviving in Arcane, has taken its toll on him.  Forcing him away from his previous, jovial, friendly, welcoming self, to a more feral, rougher, harder, person.

Description - First off, should probably be to describe what he looks like, beyond the height and weight that have already been listed.  His eyes are a bright, piercing, purple.  His hair, and fur, are, contrary to what you may think, are actually white as the driven snow, but, he uses shadow to make himself appear to be a deep, seemingly bottomless black.  In his xenoran, humanoid, form, he sports numerous scars from past war, and battles, his face is fairly unmarred, but his torso, arms, and legs, well, lets just say that the scars are QUITE evident.
Despite having the white hair, and purple eyes, though, his actual skin tone, is not the possible albino you might think, it actual sports a tan like you would see on someone who spends extended periods of time working outdoors.

Belongings - He doesnt have much that he carries with him, as most of what he needs he can manipulate out of the shadow.  But, he does have a few things that are of some, not insignificant, value to him.  The first happens to be a sabre, an heirloom, with the Blackthorne family crest on it, that his father gave to him.  It is about 4 feet long and primarily for dueling, which, though he is quite proficient in, doesnt do often due to lack of partners.  There is the 6 foot long two handed sword that he is more commonly seen using when it comes to swordplay.  This one was made specially for him by the master smith working at the castle, when, after he had properly come into his strength and grown into his body, he had proceeded to break nearly every sword the master at arms put into his hands.  His last weapon, and, one that people think they see, but, only see a shadow replica of, is the Dagger of the Shadow.  This he received when he successfully gained entrance to the warrior guild Brothers Shadow, this he keeps strapped securely into his boot in case of an emergency.  Each of these weapons is forged from umbra-ferro sanguis, which translates to shadow-blood steel.  It is an element that of metal that is exclusive to not only Serus, but more specifically, the Sanguis Maw mountain range which forms the backbone of region of Kingdom Blackthorne.  The other bit that he is seemingly always carrying on his person, is his flask.  This simple item really has no exceptional origin story, he acquired it from a shop, and carries it with him, filled with the some of the most potent liquor that Serus has to offer.  Just about the only  thing of note about the flask, is an inscription on the glass, that many just think of as scuff marks from how Blade carries it.  The inscription reads, "My dearest love, though I may not always travel with you, or walk the earth with you, as long as you carry this flask, a part of me will always travel with you, I love you."  

The Blackthorne family has ruled Kingdom Blackthorne, on the world of Serus, in the Shadow Realm, from the time of the original conqueror, Aekros, who is Danarius's great great, a large number of greats, grandfather.  The throne has since been passed down, father to son, mother to daughter, father to daughter, and mother to son, until it at last passed to Danarius's father, Aros the Valiant.  Danarius, Bladewolf, Blackthorne, was the first borne of union of Aros and Teleria Blackthorne, though, he is not his fathers eldest son.  That honor, goes to Connor Shade, the bastard older brother of Danarius, who was born, obviously, out of wedlock, while his father was on a military campaign against the Silanarus Empire in a territorial dispute, that he was not sure he would return from.  Danarius has 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters from his parents.

Being his fathers eldest legitimate child, he was next in line for the throne, but, more powerful then the desire to follow in his fathers footsteps, was the call of battle in his blood.  So, at the age of majority, he officially gave up his claim to the throne, passing it to his younger brother, and pursued a life of battle.  Though, not in the kingdoms armies, instead, as a member of a warrior guild.  Over the next 15 years, he would see many battles, many victories, and many, many travesties and horrors that would drive him to find the strongest drink available.  In fact, if not for a sudden military strike from the Silanarus Empire, he may well still be a mere member of a warrior guild, granted the top guild in all the land, but, still just a simple warrior.

The Silarnus strike was a near master stroke.  After months of brutal fighting along the boarder, a lull made it seem as though it were merely a probe to see if anyone had softened up in the few years since the last major conflict.  By this time, Blade had been leading a small group of his guild brothers in leaving a bloody trail across the battle field for a few weeks.  An envoy had arrived to the capital city, seemingly to negotiate a cessation of conflict.  Shortly after docking, a swarm of warriors exploded from the holds of the Empire ships, sweeping through the streets towards the castle.  The city guard reacted admirably, and as quickly as they could.  But, the suddenness of the attack, and the numbers they had brought with them for this attack, combined with the ferocity of the feral silarnians they drove before them, were simply too much.  The city guard did, however, give the castle levees enough time to marshal themselves and put up a defense.  This held out for weeks against the subsequent siege, but, the defenders were methodically driven back, step by step, position by position.  First from the outer walls, to the inner walls, until, finally, the first Silarnus forced the doors to the throne room open, to see the king, Aros Blackthorne, sitting calmly upon the throne, with a small contingent of guards arrayed before him in seemingly a ceremonial layout.  Thinking to negotiate a treaty of some sort, he had chosen to meet them like this, instead of in battle.  Sadly, this was not to be the way things went down.  Instead, before they had forced the door open, the invaders had infiltrated around the guards to the throne room, and taken Aros's wife, other two sons, and daughters.  When they were forced into the room, obviously beaten, Connor Shade, the personal bodyguard to his father, snapped.  In his snapping, something that had not been seen in the royal line in centuries, shown through.  Springing forward, Connor shifted into a massive beast, a lycan, a great silver furred beast that could well have become a thing of legend.  Sadly though, despite the casualties he inflicted upon the Silarnus soldiers, he lacked the fighting ability needed to operate outside of the support structure he had been trained in.  As he lay bleeding out, he still struggled to rise and fight, but, seeing he was suffering, in order save him the pain of a slow bleed out, his father rose from the throne, and made his way down.  Cradling the massive furry head of his son in lap, he plunged the dagger, himself, into Connor's heart with tears barely held back by a massive display of will.  This, sadly, was the easiest thing to happen to Aros in the days to come.  During this time, he would see his wife, sons, and daughters beaten to try and force him, not into a mere treaty, but into a surrender of all kingdom lands to the Silarnus Empire.  After 2 weeks of no progress, the Silarnian commander decided that enough was enough, and ordered the royal family executed, publicly.  In a brief moment of chaos before the execution ceremony, Blade's youngest sister, Ellen Vin Blackthorne, was smuggled out by a serving maid.  Despite an intense search, she was not found.  Deciding to carry on with the plan, the remaining members were forced out into the main courtyard.  The order was rather simply decided, youngest to oldest, then Teleria and finally, after being forced to watch the execution of the rest of his family, Aros.  

After the headsman's axe had cleaved the youthful Morden Blackthorne's head from his shoulders, the commander paused to deliver a short address about the futility of resisting the Empire.  About midway through, there was a sudden, large, disturbance at the gate to the courtyard, and Blade, accompanied by 6 of his battle brothers, burst through the ranks of soldiers, blood streaming from their weapons and coating their armor.  Seeing his eldest son returned home to fight gave Aros a burst of strength, escaping his bonds to snatch a sword from the nearest soldier.  He quickly opened a space around he and his wife as he cut down enemy fighters.  As soldiers swarmed into the courtyard, collapsing the bubble around the king, a blade found its way under his guard, cutting him down where he stood upon the raised platform, easily seen by his son just as he looked up.  Watching his father fall, just as something had snapped in Connor, something snapped in Blade.  Now, where Connor had only been of partial royal blood, his mother having been a camp follower, beautifuly as she had been, she was a lowly commoner.  Blade, however, was full blooded Blackthorne, and it showed in his transformation.  While Connor had not been small, and silver haired, Blade's fur was of the purest white, a throw back Aekros the conqueror himself, and he, was, massive, easily twice the size Connor had been.  This, combined with his experience fighting as a warrior instead of as a soldier, he slaughtered all of the soldiers between him and his parents, blood flying everywhere.  By the time the fighting had ended, blood splattered his white fur as he stood over the broken, bloody, and eviscerated body of the Silarnarian Commander.  He let out a truly bestial roar of triumph, before rather jarringly shifting back, and sitting rather forcefully back on his ass.

In the aftermath of this attack, his mother, unable to handle the horrors she had seen and the loss of her family, her mind broke.  She still lives to this day, but, is little more than a simple minded child, who has an attendant with her at all times to look after her.  Blade rules the kingdom as best he can, but, harkening back to the ways of the his eldest ancestors, he leaves much of the kingdom to rule itself, and travels.  Since his “Snapping”, other abilities have manifested themselves, from his ability to control shadows, to the ability to travel between planes of existence.  It was in these travels that he came, first to the Okami packlands, and then traveled with his friends to Kumari, before being taken to Arcane.  Now, having successfully escaped, they have come to the land of Hireath to blaze a new path.  

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