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PostSubject: Aleria WIP   Aleria WIP EmptyMon Sep 18, 2017 7:00 am

u]Character Information [/u]

Age: 23
Breed:Manned Lycan
Human Measurements: 5' 5 and 120 pounds

Lycan Measurements: 6' 3 and 140 pounds

Adopted Family:The bonds of family are thicker than blood
Father: Wolf Mortum aka Sato Nurasami
Mother: Aulan Ra Wolf’s mate at the time
Voice Tara Strong
Scent Warmth of the morning sun as its rays meet the dew covered earth.

Scars Black/Purple, Claw marks down the length of her back, discolored by the taint of evil from the one responsible

Aleria has accelerated healing abilities to not only heal herself but others as well. When healing, her energy merges with that of the person she is helping. She gives them her strength while helping boost their own natural healing properties.

When healing, she connects to the person and is able to communicate mind to mind. As she is connected, she is able to redirect their pain to herself, not wanting her patients to be uncomfortable. When connected, she must be careful and have complete control as there is a risk of not returning to her body. She must not be moved for fear of being disconnected from her patient. This could cause great distress for her and them.

Having the Sight, she is able to see the flow of life in all carbon life forms. Or a more familiar term: Chakra. This helps with the healing of others, as she is able to manipulate its flow and properties. She gives hope to those who have lost the ability to walk or have limited mobility. As well as for those who are scarred and have lost faith in themselves. She sees beauty in everything and it reflects in the gentle way she treats others.

Just as she is able to take the pain upon herself and talk with them, the person she is healing can also speak back and, if they have the ability to do so, they can share in her memories and her emotions.

Never one to seek trouble, Aleria has dedicated herself to the helping of others in any capacity that she can. She despises war and battles, but in all young years, she has seen hate and cruelty and knows that she cannot be defenseless.

Never wanting to hurt others, she will defend herself first and try to make her opponent inefficient. Knowing the body inside and out, if she lands her hits just right, she can send that same healing energy into their body hitting the nerves and focal points of movement and render them unable to use that part of the body. Depending on the person’s size and strength, they could lose mobility for a few seconds, to a few minutes, to a few hours.

With a direct hit, her opponent can lose mobility to the limb. However, even with a passing glance, the energy that she directs into them can cause partial paralysis.

Disadvantage Aleria will need to be up close with her opponent.

With some concentration, she can manifest her healing ability to the physical plane. In doing so, it changes its properties to that of a weapon. She can form it to her choosing, but her favorite is to use it like a laser beam or whip. The weapons are pure energy, hot and destructive. She can manifest the weapons on a wide range of scale and only have it visible to others if it becomes large enough.

Secondary Powers
All things in life are connected through energy, having a connection already, Aleria picked up magic fairly easily from what she was able to learn in the space of time that she was in her Father’s homeland the first time around. A witch named Blaise took her in many years ago. They became great friends as Aleria stayed in Arcane to be closer to Wolf, her Father. Blaise owned her own Magic Shop and offered Aleria a job and a place to stay. During her stay, she helped Blaise around the shop and in her spare time she read the many spell and potion books that were there. With Blaise’s help, she was able to learn the basics of spell casting and many potions.

Having only spent a short time in Arcane, her knowledge base of magic is very limited; however, she wouldn’t mind learning more about it and seeing where it takes her.

Spell Casting

  • Conjuring clothes and other items

  • Changing hair/skin color

  • Creating a small pocket from air to hold unlimited items

  • Changing an object to a different object

  • Igniting items on fire

  • More to come…

  • Skills

    • Pick Locks

    • Pick pocketing

    • Setting bait traps

    • Blending in with the humans

    • li>

      Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Healing takes a lot of energy depending on the severity of the wound. Nose bleeds, headaches, black outs. Over exertion can relate in passing out, again the severity of these conditions depend on the wound being healed. Black outs could be a few hours to a few days.

      Spells and conjuring do the same. She needs to rest and get her energy back up from using it.


      • The clothes on her back

      • Swords Wolf gave to her

      • A special blade given to her by Blade

      • Two Katanas given to her by Kit

      • An assortment of varies spell books

      • A specially designed holster that fits her leg to carry her blades and one that connects to her back/neck to carry her Katanas or the Swords given to her by Wolf. It hides nicely behind her mane of brown hair

      • History: Her father by blood was Hell bent on destroying everything in his path and taking over territories whether they were human settlements or other lands. He and his pack were like a plague decimating village after village. Not a soul was left living, their husk buried in pools of blood and grit, torn apart, piece by piece.

        The leader’s soul was fueled with hatred, the darkness seeping from every pore and in to those of his pack. The killing sprees lasted until all of the humans were purged from his territories.

        His land was soon forgotten, its name no longer on the history maps and for awhile he and his men where no longer bothered that of Man. But a few centures later, a ship docked on its border, and soon they began to rebuld that which was destroyed. A castle formed along with tiny homes surrounding it. The noise of labor reached Him and his men, and soon they set off to once again rid their land of the humans.

        It was during this very purge, that Aleria was conceived. It was said that her Mother was the lone survivor of this place, a high borne Princess that had fire in her Soul. She fought with the rest of her people, but her life was forever changed when she was bitten by the leader of the pack.

        Flash back: He lost a few of his wolves, the humans bringing metal weapons that shot balls of fire. His men fell to wounds he had never seen, his numbers dwindled.

        As they lie dying, an idea struck that never occurred to the leader before... Change them, and so he did. Most did not make it through the change but the one he hoped did. She was the daughter of the human king who lay slaughtered beside her. She had put a brave fight, and had more spirit than any of the men that fought to protect her. End

        Soon she would learn the ways of the beast and how to survive this unforgiving pack. Fighting the leader the whole way, her life was full of misery. Aleria’s conception was a mistake and one that neither the Mother or the Father wanted, but it came as a surprise to them both as bitten members of the pack where said they could not produce pups.

        Children. She hadn't thought about them since before her fate was turned for the worse. This monster had turned her into this...this creature and now she would have his offspring...

        The prospect of a child was not lost on the leader. Yes, the more he thought of it...the better he liked the idea. He would teach the boy all that there was to know. His blood would protect this land....

        As the months progressed, the Mother stayed in her human form, the thought of having a child with …him was repulsive, but she could not fault the child. Upon the night of her delivery, the birthing was difficult for the female and soon after Aleria was born; her Mother’s healthy declined rapidly.

        Until Aleria could shift to her wolven form, He, the Mother, and his men would stay in their newly claimed castle. As a child, Aleria never saw her mother; she was deathly ill and servants, their will shaken by being surrounded by monsters, tended to her until she died. What humans remained where herded and treated like cattle. Their housing was the cells beneath the Castle. The beasts enjoyed blood sport about every day.

        Everyday Aleria was a disappointment to the pack, having none of the traits of her Father that he could see. She would visit with the humans down below, bring them treats and even attempt to heal their injuries. It was on visit to them just like any visit, except this particular night her Father, found her helping them and his rage grew. He attacked his own daughter, wanting her to be more like him, to hate and want destruction.

        Trying to escape him, she dived into a small crawl space just as claws raked down her back. The crawl space led out doors to the stables where his beast carted off the dead humans.

        Hiding amongst the dead to hide her scent from her father’s hounds, she escaped. She grew up poor and on the streets until she was about 16. The manager of The Tavern took her in giving her a room above the building. She worked after everyone left, cleaning up after the place for wages and rent. She joined a couple of packs later on, first the Okami and then after the split, followed her fellow friends to the Kostas lands. Since living there she has had a pretty good life, but it got better as she was adopted and found the love of her life. Sadly, her mate is missing and she has no idea if she'll ever see him again. Their time together had barely begun, and now that he is he gone, a part of her is missing. That void grew when her newly found Father departed from the Kostas lands without a word. Not wanting to worry if he'd return, she followed him to his homeland and befriended a witch and cat, Blaise and Skamar. She has learned a great deal about charms and small spells that she can perform, through her reading of Blaise's books.

        Much has happened since then. Her mate, Keyue, returned from his journey with news that he had a grown son. His female before her never told him. She welcomed the son with open arms, but she also gave Keyue the space he needed to learn about his son, thus creating an even further divide. The son didn’t seem to want anything to do with any of them, but Keyue was determined to be a dad. When he left, Keyue went after him. Aleria couldn’t blame him and she would not tether him to the Kostas lands or herself.

        His departure truly stung and caused a great sadness within Aleria, but what truly broke her heart was the loss of her father, Wolf. She withdrew into herself and away from her family. In truth, the Kostas wolfs had really disbanded, going off and doing their own thing. She still kept to herself during this time, her emotional burden too much for the others to bear. After awhile, she had had enough and sought the comfort of her pack, the fellowship, needing to feel like she belonged somewhere and was needed. Feeling herself becoming truly depressed, she really needed to be with her family. And so, she ventured back from her dwellings to seek them out.

        It was on her return that she met up with Zigan. As fate would have it, she would barely escape with her life, not knowing that Wolf had cheated death somehow and was also searching for her. That he was there on her home land on that fateful day.

        Being away for so long, she didn’t realize that Zigan was out for blood, when they crossed paths. She had hoped to help him, he was in so much pain, but Zigan was not himself and attacked Aleria. Not wanting to desert him, knowing he needed help, she had stood her ground to do her best, but he was too powerful for her. She didn't feel a thing; it was over just as quickly as it began as she descended into darkness.

        Her body knew she had to heal and so to preserve what strength she had, a cocoon formed around her as she went into status to heal from the almost fatal would inflicted by Zigan.

        As she slumbered, a military group invaded their lands intent on eradicating their kind. Through their ties, She felt her family slip farther and farther from her. They were scared, injured, angry.

        She wasn't ready to leave the healing stasis, but she struggled to consciousness as She felt the desperation of her friends. By the time she woke though, no one was left on Kostas. Hanging on by a thread She dressed the wound above her heart, and set sail across the ocean following the ties of her pack. Fate, the cruel bitch that she was, was leading her back to Arcane, back to her father’s homeland.

        Arcane: Her wound festered and she became delirious, seeing things. Her healing ability couldn't heal it...She stumbled blindly through the forest as she searched for Her family, she was so out if it she dreamt that Wolf had found her and took care of her. Her father who She loved...who adopted her.....was… alive? She slept for a long time after that finally making it into a town. The small hope that Wolf was truly alive came plummeting down when she awoke and found herself alone. She always alone, could she not have loved ones in her life?

        It had been years since she had been there...and so much had changed. Military propaganda was on every corner warning the public of immortals.

        She checked on her friend, Blaise, but her shop was boarded up, closed. She soon learned that military protrolled the streets. Finding a rundown motel, she stayed put. She used a salve to put in her wound and soon she was stable enough, no more visions. She was utterly alone and her family as out there ..somewhere..

        In time, the Oxen Corp had gotten them all in some way...they escaped but not unscathed and now in this new place they have to pick up the pieces of their lives, and learn to live once again...

        Personality:A shy and gentle creature. Aleria wants to help others in any way she can. Healing, it's what she knows best. This is her element, here she is confident and takes no nonsense when it comes to the people She is helping. She is the doctor and in charge. Outside of this, Aleria is very shy And quiet. She is nervous in crowds and around the opposite sex. In the end, she is who she Is and hopes that others will like her.

        Appearance: Standing a whopping 5 5 and 120 pounds in her human form, everyone she encounters is either taller or outweighs her, or both. She has an oval ivory face that looks out at you with golden eyes that have green specks decorated throughout, with curiosity and gentleness. Her mahogany colored hair is just about as long as she is tall. It can be seen in a braid adorned with flowers and vines weaved in or twisted in a bun/pony tail. Rumba Orange colored Lycan ears sit perkily atop of her bed of mahogany. Aleria normally wears jeans, boots, and a tank top, but every now again she does dress up and wear skirts.

        Lycan/anthro form:
        Shifting to her lycan form, She is a bit taller at 6 feet and 140 pounds, she is still as beautiful with her regal and dainty features, this just making her even that much faster when she runs, the majestic color of her fur showing off her powerful muscles as she runs fluidly. Her mane starts at her crown and ends midway down her back, sometimes it free flowing or braided, all four feet have brown/black stockings up to her elbows/knees. With a sheath designed specifically for her, she carries her long sword, hidden in the depths of her mane to conceal it; however, the holster for her short sword that straps to her leg can be visually seen when she bothers to wear it. At other times, if she needs to move from one place to another she also has a carrying container that holds her cloths.

        Long and short sword. Claws. Energy. Katanas given to her by Kit a fellow packmate.

        Disclaimer: These images do not belong to me. All credit is given to the original creator.

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