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Benjamin Nekishu

G E N E R A L . I N F O R A M A T I O N

Full Name: Benjamin Nekishu.

Known as: "Blaze", "Blazers".

Birth Season: Spring.

Scent: Burnt Wood/Umber.


True Neutral.

 A True Neutral character or organization can be introduced as a Wild Card, neither aligned with the Hero nor the Big Bad. On the other hand, they may well be on one side or the other, at least nominally. Perhaps they care little for the conflict and have their own goals, which are neither particularly good or evil. A True Neutral scientist may work for the good guys because it furthers their research, but they may also work for the bad guys for the same reason. They could also be on whichever side their friends are, just because of that. True Neutral characters can seem somewhat selfish, but they can also seem rather happy-go-lucky in comparison to more responsible characters.

Abilities: Super human speed and agility.

Running speed: The average human speed is clocked at 27.9 mph (45 kph); while many supernaturals can supersede this and then some, Benjamin was born with ability to really kick it into gear at an average of 38.2 mph (61.4 kph) in his adult body.
Reflexes: The average reaction time for humans is 0.25 seconds to a visual stimulus, 0.17 for an audio stimulus, and 0.15 seconds for a touch stimulus; Benjamin best reflex measurement has been taken at 0.15 seconds to visual stimulus, 0.10 for an audio stimulus, and 0.08 seconds for a touch stimulus.

Running speed: The average speed of a wolf running at full speed is around the 34.2 mph mark (55 kph); Benjamin was born with ability to really kick it into gear at an average of 43.5 mph (70 kph) in his adult body.
Reflexes: While there has been no average record kept for an adult wolf; Benjamins best reflex measurement has been taken at 0.12 seconds to visual stimulus, 0.08 for an audio stimulus, and 0.05 seconds for a touch stimulus in his wolf form.

Running speed: The average speed of a wolf running at full speed is around the 34.2 mph mark (55 kph); Benjamin was born with ability to really kick it into gear at an average of 40.4 mph (65 kph) in his adult body; not much faster than that of his human form.
Reflexes: There has not been enough occurrences for the male to be examined in his lycan form, there for there is no conclusive data to provide a sufficient answer.

Benjamin is a simple man, down to earth and carries nothing that may hinder him in any situation; there have been but three items he has cherished through out his life -
A diamond engagement ring that was given to his first mate, Kara Rae Kurokami, when he had promised himself to her back in the days of Okami. After her disappearance on the eve of their wedding, Benjamin had carried the ring with him, attached to a thin piece of leather which he had draped about his neck. He wore this until Ashlyn, the daughter of Kara and Benjamin, had chosen to venture beyond their home; it was at this time he parted with the jewelry, placing the necklace around his beloved daughters neck.
A solid black ring which connected through a tendril of magic to his former mate, Eclipse Stellar, who wore an exact duplicate. Through this connection, the two could feel one another's pulse. The ring gave each other insight into the others where about's and lively hood, should one be in danger, the other would feel it almost immediately. Since Eclipses mutiny, Benjamin had discarded the ring in his fury, never to see it again.
A ruby encrusted dagger which he carries to this day, strapped to his ankle with a special sheath that shifts with own bodily changes. It was given to him by his pack brother, Danarius Blackthorne. The dagger is of the darkest material that swallows the brightest of light, forged by the Kings own blacksmith in the Shadow Realm (read Danarius Blakthorne profile to learn more of the shadow realm). It's hilt is etched with the finest of filigree patterns resembling fire and encrusted with a large ruby. The blade is made from a shadow steel, as black as night. It was a Christmas gift and holds special qualities, endowing Benjamin the ability to travel to and from the Shadow Realm; it also alerts Danarius if Benjamin is in trouble or uses the dagger, enabling him the use of shadows to come to his aid.

s o c i a l

Sexual Orientation:

  • Straight



Warm, welcoming and friendly. Though he may seem extremely laid back, Benjamin is very outspoken and opinionated. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor and loves a good joke as much as the next person. Very outgoing and adventurous, he can be very persuasive, even at the worse of times. Affectionate and loving to the ones he holds dear and can be, at times, a little too over protective. Benjamin is very level headed and fair in his decision making but can be extremely stubborn.A very keen observer, rarely anything can be hidden underneath this wolfs nose as he nearly never misses a thing.

k n o w n . f a m i l y

Ashlyn Rae Nekishu

  • Relation: Daughter.
  • Conceived; 1/1 born; safe.
  • Mother: Kara Rae Kurokami

Blackstar Nekishu

  • Relation: Son.
  • Adopted; whereabouts unknown.
  • Mother: Unknown

Cayden Nekishu

  • Relation: Son.
  • Conceived; 1/3 born; Safe.
  • Mother: Eclipse Stellar

Mikayla Nekishu

  • Relation: Daughter.
  • Conceived; 2/3 born; Presumed Dead.
  • Mother: Eclipse Stellar

Maylin Nekishu

  • Relation: Daughter.
  • Conceived; 3/3 born; Safe.
  • Mother: Eclipse Stellar

Danarius Blackthorne

  • Relation: Brother.
  • Status: Alive, safe.


  • Relation: Sister.
  • Status: Alive, safe.

Orchid Windancer

  • Relation: Sister.
  • Status: Alive, missing.

H U M A N . I N F O R A M A T I O N


  • Immortal
  • Appears: 27


  • 188.9 cm
  • 6'2"


  • 92 kg
  • 202.82 lbs


Combat Statistics:

  • Strength: 33
  • Agility: 60 ( 30 x2 (Supernatural handicap))

a p p e a r a n c e

Benjamin "Blaze" Nekishu EB4OKbr
Picture Reference.

  • Facial Structure: A wide, strong jaw line. His nose is of average length and straight with a small bump on the bridge of from when it had been broken during combat; gives his face a well defined facial structure of a man in his mid twenties. His well kept, low set brow reveals the possibility of an impulsive temperament but a high curiosity. His lips are thin, but round with a light pink coloration.
  • Eye: Heavy eyelids hide deep emerald green eyes, taking on the shape of almonds. True emotions and memories are almost constantly masked with that of contentment with a thick sense of mystery and knowledge written in their expression.
  • Hair: Straight, medium copper brown hair is usually kept above ear length. Rarely washed, it is thick and bushy and is almost always kept in a disorderly fashion and somehow, seems to be styled and organised.
  • Build: His frame is supported by little more than an athletic muscular build. With only 8% body fat on his entire body, he has a very well defined male body structure with strongly sculptured muscles and well defined contours. His hands are rather large with rough hard worked skin; but a deceiving touch, as soft as the graze of a feather.
  • Clothing: Casual attire almost all the time, consisting of shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops; even in freezing weather. Although Benjamin does not feel the cold, occasionally he will be seen donning a hoodie and sweat pants. Though, when it is needed, this male can scrub up extremely well.

N o t a b l e . S c a r / m a r k i n g s


  • A small line on the scapula. Accident caused from rage induced lycan form.
  • A single diagonal line upon his back beginning at at his right shoulder blade and ending just above his left glut. Acquired during a fight with Nyoka Kalis.
  • A thick notch at the join of his femur and clavicle. Received from Wolf Mortum during a fight.


  • A very obscure marking upon his chest, left pectoral. It looks as though it has been branded upon his skin and seared into his flesh. (More below)
  • When angered and/or his elemental power is being ensued, intricate gold markings appear in mysterious, majestic patterns in the place his energy and power are being drawn. These 'lines of power' almost always make birth around his pupil immediately after a single ripple of anger/power pursues him, soon spreading to the concave of his eyes as his anger/power increases.

b r a n d e d

Benjamin "Blaze" Nekishu QUVHNzu

It is the symbol belonging to 'The Red King' most commonly known as Lucifer. The meaning behind it may elude some at first glance but when seen through the eyes of one whom has seen it before it is simple; The triangle and lower arrow adjoin to create the chemical symbol of sulphur, which is knowingly attached to Lucifer and is normally governed by fire. The fact that the fire is trapped inside the chemical symbol of sulphur depicts the control that the red king has over the fire wielder. The ring symbolizes eternity or "a coming together' and the arrows are a symbol for manifestation.

The marking upon his chest, left pectoral; looks as if is has been branded into his skin, instead of a traditional ink this is made of scar tissue and skin. It was burned into him when he gave his soul to The Lord Lucifer in return for life among his family again. Within this marking are strict Rules and Chains that bind Benjamin to demonic entities. Anyone whom is to turn against the movement of Lucifer, will fall to the fire of Benjamin.

Within the symbol lies a power to control, over power and call unto demons. With it comes the power to over whelm any demonic entity and/or draw it to surface and show it's true face. How ever, calling upon Lucifers help takes a massive toll on the powers of the wielder and so is always drawn upon as a last resort.

W O L F . I N F O R A M A T I O N


  • Timber Wolf
  • Subspecies: European


  • 84.3 kg
    (186 lbs)


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Length: 5'4"
  • Tail: 3'1"


  • Tone: Bold, deep
  • Feeling: Authoritative, fearful
  • Wolf Call: click

Combat Statistics:

  • Strength: 36
  • Agility: 56 ( 28 x2 (Supernatural handicap))

a p p e a r a n c e

  • Head: Large, long and tapers forward. Massive jaws form the foundation to which the strong masseter, or chewing, muscles attach. Large ears capture sounds with great audacity, they can be moved to scan and focus on sounds from different directions. The jaws have canines, sharp carnassials for cutting meat, and molars for crushing bone with very strong jaw muscles. All these characteristics are reflected in the sheer size of his massive skull.
  • Eye: Emerald green eyes match that of his human form with a hidden depth of knowledge. When angered or his powers are being engaged, they take a brilliant golden glow with a stare as bright as the sun which gives the illusion of a lack of pupil.
  • Build: Like the common grey wolf, Benjamin's lean and heavily muscular build is supported by a thick and strong bone structure. Unlike the common grey wolf, Benjamin is abnormally larger is size with a slightly narrow chest, built especially for easier push of through deep snow. Though do not let his size fool you, this wolf is built like a brick shit house, but he deceivingly nimble and quick.
  • Fur:
    Benjamin "Blaze" Nekishu VKuvFJU
    Colour Reference picture. Made by Eclipse Stellar.

    • Winter Coat-- Dense and long fur enable him retain the heat needed to fuel his powers in the winter.  Like all wolves, Benjamins coat has two sets of hair; Long guard hairs on top, which work like an umbrella to help shed moisture like a raincoat. His underfur his densely thick and allows him to remain at a comfortable temperature in below freezing temperatures,. The fur around his neck, or 'heckles' are much thicker and longer than that on the rest of his body. This ensures protection against the teeth of other wolves his size, the fur is much too thick for their teeth to penetrate.
    • Summer Coat-- The General Structure of the Summer Coat is much the same as the Winter Coat. Many wolves shed their Winter Coat in order to enable cooling in the summer months; but Blazes coat loses only a fraction of its bulk. Unlike others, there is no need for this male to keep cool. He can maintain a regulated temperature through his powers. The heat of the Summer months enabling for a stronger power during.

n o t i c i b l e . s c a r / m a r k i n g s

  • A small line on the scapula. Acquired during a rage induced lycan happening.
  • A single diagonal line upon his back beginning at at his right shoulder blade and ending just above his left glut. Acquired during a fight with Nyoka Kalis.
  • A thick notch at the join of his femur and clavicle. Received from Wolf Mortum during a fight by his sword 'Schizekien'


  • A very obscure marking upon his chest, left pectoral. It looks as though it has been branded upon his skin and seared into his flesh. (More below)
  • When angered and/or his elemental power is being ensued, intricate gold markings appear in mysterious, majestic patterns in the place his energy and power are being drawn. These 'lines of power' almost always make birth around his pupil immediately after a single ripple of anger/power pursues him, soon spreading to the concave of his eyes as his anger/power increases.(See, Powers)

L Y C A N . I N F O R A M A T I O N

The Lycan form is an obscure mix of human and wolf which is only summoned when Benjamin reaches his highest point of anger; ultimately reaching a state of incapable self containment, otherwise known as feral rage. This form is vicious and careless. It has no means of mercy and will tear apart anyone whom stands in it's way. You cannot reason with this beast nor can you speak with it; it ill not listen nor will it speak back or comprehend any word.Through years of help and entrapment, Benjamin has finally learnt to control the beast inside of him, but only some what. Inside his mind, he can reflect on his purest of heart which can lead to a certain aptitude of control in which his dearest loved ones will be spared from his mindless onslaught.


  • 192 kg
  • 423.2 lbs


  • Tone: Deep, Overpowering.
  • Feeling: Fearful


  • Sulphur


  • 9'7"

Combat Statistics:

  • Strength: 45
  • Agility: 23 ( 46 x2 (Supernatural handicap))

A p p e a r a n c e

Benjamin "Blaze" Nekishu VMHuqpU
Build Reference picture.

  • Head: Large, long and tapers forward. Massive jaws form the foundation to which the strong masseter, or chewing, muscles attach. These muscles -already designed for kill- are much more deftly designed than in simple wolf form. They can implode a vast strength upon the victim with a bite rate of almost 1 Tonne. Large ears capture sounds with great audacity, they can be moved to scan and focus on sounds from different directions. The jaws have canines that reach four inches in length, remaining constantly unsheathed from the lips, sharp carnassials for cutting meat, and molars for crushing bone with very strong jaw muscles.
  • Eye: Obsidian Black. The depth of his brow blocks all light to his eyes which make them seem as though they are lifeless and void of any eye at all.
  • Build: The Lycans bone structure is built much like a humans, but longer and thicker to aid in the upkeep of the strength and agility of his ginormous muscles. The muscles upon this form are superiorly strong and thick. It forms the bulk of his form, rippled and chiselled under thick fur. The mountain of muscle the lycan form pertains make him look stocky and slow, but don't be deceived. With reflexes as fast as a cobras strike, the strength of ten lions and the temper of the devil himself, this is one force not be reckoned with. With hands of a human, he is able to grip and clench with an opposable thumb.  Each appendage is equip with razor claws as sharp as any blade known to man.The strong hind legs of a wolf are adorned with human like feet, which give much leverage with the cushioned tendons that strap muscle to bone and the stringy ligaments in between the carpels and metacarpals of the foot allow the ability to leap metres into the air with an agile ease.
  • Fur: Dense and long. When shifting, Benjamins skin will become a dark grey which will soon be covered in a dark dusky grey fur. In the concave of his eyes and surrounding areas, there is intricate markings, obsidian black in color. These lines are very hard to distinguish among such a deep color of fur.


'The psychic ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire.'

r e g u l a t i o n - ability.

You're my personal sun.
- Kara Rae Kurokami.

One of the first abilities learned is the simple rise and fall in which the speed of the heart beats. The core temperature burns at a whopping 198°F - 205°F constantly to allow for optimum movement and expressed power. Now, at such a prime age this is done independently by the body with not so much as an unconscious thought about it.
As the heart is beating at such a high rate almost all components of the body speed up- shifting becomes a mere click of the finger, reaching a top speed as if you'd been running for miles already and from sitting to lifting a boulder in a matter of seconds. All these things make for a daring foe from this male; but as with all things devised on the scales of balance, weakness is ever ready.

When power is being drawn from within the body to summon a fire spell the heart beats at a tremendous rate to allow the core temperature to heat to a maximum of 400°F. Through a life time worth of adaptation, the body does not suffer from such high temperatures; instead works sufficiently and smoothly. How ever, should one without such abilities touch the wolf while power is being ensued, they might'n come out so lucky.

s t r e n g t h s -

  • Snug as a bug - Benjamin does not feel the cold in wolf or human form. So when other wolves might freeze in the below minus temperatures, this male is quite happy to wander around as if it were a spring day.
  • Enhanced muscle power - As his muscles are constantly fed such a high amount of heat they do not lack for power. Muscles that are not strengthened before proper use are slow and cold, in need of some encouragement and nourishment in the form of a warm up or stretch in order to reach full potential of strength in battle or speed in chase. If they are not stretched properly it can cause tears in the muscle fiber or a strain. How ever, muscles that are already high in temperature and fed a constant supply of nourishment within the form of friction induced heat will work at their full potential the second they are needed. A luxury, to be sure.
  • Regeneration 1 - With a heart pumping freshly oxygenated blood so fast around the body, this male does not take the burden of healing too long. Depending on the wound itself; a scratch can be healed within a matter of hours; a broken bone- perhaps four weeks.
  • Shifting - In conjunction with regeneration, the shift between forms is an instantaneous thing. So much power is drawn in such a quick moment that the body ,unbidden, engulfs in a flame as bright as the center of a light globe. Within that light the male changes and within two heart beats you might be staring at a stranger.

w e a k n e s s e s

  • Endurance - As with anything that is exposed to heat for too long, over heating can be a real deal breaker. As no exception, endurance is not a friend here. Exposing himself to power for too long can cause the body to defy all means of regulation and, despite all matter of rest, over heat. This can be fatal if not treated in the early stages. So, just like a cheetah- Benjamin might never have been beaten in a running race to the finish line, a relay race would have an entirely different ending.
  • Drainage - While regulation keeps his body at a constant temperature it still uses energy. During the warmer months the body does not need to use as much energy to do this; but in the cold weather it must work harder against the bite of winter in order to retain that heat. Thus, over exposure to the cold can drain his power, although dreadfully slow, and make him weak; though usually this only occurs in human form.

a b s o r p t i o n - ability.
To stand inside it is to feel a lovers kiss for the first time, every time.
- Benjamin Nekishu

The act of drawing heat from an open flame; be this from sitting within the fire itself or simply standing beside it. When two flames are placed beside each other a natural instinct will be to combine with one another and create a bigger flame. At no exception, it will bind to him when he is close and move towards him as a candle might as if it were caught in a soft breeze. Through this the ability of absorption was found.

s t r e n g t h s

  • Regeneration 2 - When an extensive injury is taken, i.e.; a broken bone, regeneration can be increased by up to 80% if Benjamin is exposed to open flame. Absorbing the heat from the flames themselves increases the core body temperature without willing his own kinetic abilities. Thus disabling extra strain on the body and mind and enabling a faster recovery of both inner and outer self.
  • Explosive! - If exposed to open flame that was created of mundane means during an act of a power induced attack, the strength of the attack will raise substantially. The flame does not need to be felt or touched in order to have energy drawn from it, but it does need to be in sight and range of his own self.

w e a k n e s s e s

  • None known.

f l a m e - power

The influence of fire is a fearsome dominion to behold. Through the form of destruction it has earned it's reputation, filling it's victims with terror and dread. Wielded in improper hands inhalation can follow the flame; causing desolation and devastation at all turns.
- But, in the practiced hands of one whom seeks to cause no such abomination in the world, it can be found as warm, wanting and homely. A place to call upon when all hope is lost; to find resolution in old places. For, though fire may destroy everything it touches restoration always follows; you can burn a forest but there is strong minerals in charcoal that create better an more durable new life.

When magic is being used from anywhere within the body, the emerald color of eye in which this wolf is so famed for is swallowed whole by a liquid gold reflecting light where there might not even be any, and the skin erupts in a mysterious array of intricate golden veins that seem to weep from his tear ducts. The more active the power, the brighter the color.

Powers vary with each form that is used. All will be explained below for the avid fire enthusiast. (Strengths are as above.)

Key: Human - H; wolf - W; lycan - L

  • CombustionHWL - The flame itself. A spark is made and a flame erupts; the combination of magic from within and the mind. It can be summoned to cover a single part of the body, section of a limb or the body as a whole.
  • BendingHWL - With kinetic energy within the mind the flame 'bends', contorting and changing; maneuvering to his will. Through the act of bending, attacks can be summoned and used; i.e. a flame can be thrown a distance- like a fire ball hurtling towards it's prey.
  • ProtectionHW - The flame of protection is a complicated power. When a loved one is trouble, a flame can be summoned to swallow them whole. The flame itself is connected to Benjamins heart and through mind and body combined can determine who is friend and who is foe. The one in which is in need of protection will be covered with the effects of comfort within the confines of the flame whereas the foe will feel the heat for what it truly is; but using this flame for extended periods can be truly exhausting.
  • Cinder StepH - This is a newly acquired power and one that is still being discovered. What has been discovered from this is that it is some form of transport much faster than any he has encountered before. The body combusts and becomes a gathering of cinders which moves along the turrets of wind; because it is still in training, Benjamin is finding it hard to control the direction of this power and as yet, it can only be used in human form.

w e a k n e s s e s s

  • That Wet Stuff - But of course! We all know that water makes the power of flames; if not extinguishes it. This wolf is no exception, water of course has it's down falls for the male; but through extensive training Benjamin has lessened the effects water can carry unto his flames. He is now able to hold flame intact, under deep water for 3 minutes without a break. How ever, because he must work harder to keep the flame burning his power and energy both, are drawn quicker.
  • Winter is Coming - The month of winter is no help to this male. During the colder months his power is weakened. The colder the weather, the more frail his flame becomes.

e n h a n c e m e n t . t r a i n i n g

"Training can further improve the quality of the being, and further strengthen the power itself. "
- A distant memory

  • Burning time - Through the art of intense training, time has been spent under water honing the flame in a bid to relinquish the weakness that lies beneath the surface. Although the weakness wasn't removed completely, the length of the flame life, not only in water, but as a whole has been extended by 60% of the initial life.
  • Meditation - Hours have been spent simply... Relaxing- or so it would seem to an on looking. Within the art of meditation, Benjamin has found not only simplicity and serenity, but strength. Meditation trains the mind to the will of the being. Through this power Benjamin has been able to strengthen the life of his flame by a further 20%, and the strength by 70%. Though, in his years as an alpha, his time in training has been focused more so on the body than the mind.

R E L A T I O N S H I P . L O G

Danarius Blackthorne Close friend Intermittent

Having been close friends for most of Benjamins Pack life, Blade has become some what of a solid friend and companion to the large male; and a brotther. How ever, after Blade had taken the helm of Kostas and shown it a quick path to desolation Benjamin rose up against his long time friend to attest his rank.
Since handing the alpha rank to Benjamin so readily and easily, some what of the respect that he once held in the eyes of his friend had diminished, leaving in it's place disappointment and betrayal. Though it is a friendship on the mend, it seemed a long road to recovery, but the threat of the Oxen Corporation soon saw the the demise of any hostility that may have remained.
Blade has been protective, helpful and remained a strong pillar in the journey the comrades shared through the Oxen Corporation. Quickly seeing the bonds strengthened between the two brothers.

Aleria Close FriendFriendly/ Endearing

Aleria and Benjamin have been the closest of friends since the days of Okami - The first pack Benjamin had ever been apart of. Ever since the first day, the two have shared an unbreakable bond forged from the strongest of alliances. This bond has been made stronger through their ordeal with the Oxen Corporation.  

Cayden Nekishu Son Intermittent

Since Caydens return to home lands, Benjamin has fought relentlessly to have his sons respect. It took weeks before the two seemed to have found some sort of common ground to stand upon. Their relationship had a long way to go but Cadyen had shown many and more of the attributes that Benjamin once saw within himself and hopes to help his son would grow and blossom in the pack - along with the new introduction of a mate.
After the rise of The Oxen Corporation and the demise of the Kostas Pack, Cayden has been lost to his father. The last he had heard of the young man was that he had fled with Vieta - his mate and the two were now under the watchful eye of his former friend, Zigan.

Kara Kurokami Mate Endearing

Kara was Benjamins first love; but through out their lives both together and apart, the two have had their fare share of fallout's. Kara has proven time and time again what a run away bride is truly capable of. Its because of this that Benjamin had found it hard to trust the woman again.
After the ordeal with the Oxen Corporation, Kara and Benjamin had both become a rock and anchor for one another; their love has blossomed and Kara has proven herself time and time again that she has grown within herself. One is rarely seen without the other, even in company.

Maylin Nekishu Daughter Endearing

Maylin and Benjamin have been as close and cheese and crackers since he rescued her from her mother and Wolf Mortum. They share a bond unlike any other, telling each other secrets and confiding in one another where they cannot confide in any other. The two take a father - daughter bond to a whole new level.
After the infultration with The Oxen Corporation, Maylin was reunited with her brother, Cayden and had chosen to follow him and Zigan to the safety of lands afar. Though Benjamin misses his daughter terribly, he respects her decisions as he always has.

Tate Kingston AquaintanceFriendly

Benjamin had only met Tate briefly twice, once when he had been attracted by the scent of blood from a kill Blaze had made. In turn, the scent had brought forth a bear, which Tate had helped Benjamin to take down.
The second time having been at a Kegger the male had thrown himself in the Park. He'd only caught site of him momentarily enough to say hi as he was dragging Kara's drunk arse from the crowds.

Mathias Ka'Alvi Thought deadDeath Accepted

Mathias was thought to be lost, dead at the hands of Wolf Mortum in an untimely fight to the death when Wolf Mortum had shown dishonour to the Kostas Pack.  Having been a guardian to the pack and a mate to a close friend, the two had grown quite close before the winged wolf's demise.

Raikou Diasu AquaintanceFriendly/Guarded

Benjamin and Raikou have never been close, nor have the two shared more than a few words; how ever, after contacting the Ronin for the sake of training his son, Benjamin has found the man to be of good nature and outstanding honour.

Charon AdversaryHostile

The only time the two have ever locked eyes was a time when the Kostas Pack was in dire straights. The male whom Benjamin later came to know as Charon had crossed beyond the borders of Kostas lands and refused to exit resulting in a  battle that each wolf wolf would leave scarred. They have since been enemies - not yet coming to good terms.

Noctis Lucis Gelus UndecidedHostile

Having met the male on Kostas turf was not the best start to their relationship.
The meeting was of a hostile one, Noctis' attentions upon Benjamins daughter, Maylin had not gone unnoticed and though the strange male had finally left the pack lands, it had not been without the threat of a return.  

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