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PostSubject: Aiden Westfield   Aiden Westfield EmptyTue Sep 19, 2017 5:55 am

H U M A N . I N F O R M A T I O N

All images used are not  my own, I do not claim them and give respect to their owners.
Character Information is in blue for quick referencing.

The building was huge, I stopped at it's foundation and looked up at the majesty before me. I had to crane my neck all the way back in order to see the top and wondered how long it would take me to fall, a few seconds least. I felt amused at the idea.
When I had volunteered for this experiment I had expected it to be some small practise, or a tiny laboratory. Probably really creepy, or even a backyard little shack thing. I hadn't at all expected this monstrous building
Excitement pumped through my veins and I felt a splurge of adrenaline enhance my mood. A grin spread wide, from ear to ear and I proceeded to enter the establishment.
The inside was white. Like, white everywhere, it caused me to pause a moment and look around. So clean, I thought, impressed.

My eyes snapped to the woman behind the desk. She. Was. Gorgeous. How had I only just noticed her? I felt my smile change to something a little more sinister, boisterous even. “Hey.” I sauntered over, a sudden flick in my step where there had been none before. She blushed, and pretended to fiddle with the papers on her desk.
Can I help you?” She asked, pressing her wide framed glasses up her nose while looking at me from atop them. She was good at this.
Yeah, I'm here for an appointment.” I said in a soft husky voice. Sometimes i think I sound like Tom Hiddleton.
Her brows raised some, “Oh, you're the nine thirty?
Yes, I'm your nine thirty.Smooth. I commended myself, but she ignored it suddenly very interested in the papers. She was filing through them and quickly took one out. Pushing it towards me, she slammed a pen upon the desk audibly.
Fill this is, when you're done, put it up here and move right one through.
I took the pen, dragging the paper with the weight of my hand and just stared at her. Well, then. Bitch.
I did as she requested.

General Information.
Name: Aiden  Westfield. I scribbled it down. God, my writing is messy.
Sex: Yes please. I sniggered softly and the woman looked from behind the counter.
Not with you. Eyes back to the paper with a soft sigh, and circled the M.

Birth Date: 28/ 6/ 1991
Age: Why do you need my age if you already got my birthday? I shook my head. 23
Height: Shit. I don't know; last time I checked I was 6'3". I wrote that down.
Weight: The pencil tapped rapidly against the paper as I tried to remember what the scales had said the other day at the gym. 185lbs? I'm sure that was it.
Ethnicity: Uh, do I write white or Caucasian? I chose the latter.

Please attach a photograph so we can identify you.
I rummaged into my satchel and took out my wallet. Fingering the small slip, I pulled out the photo that I'd had taken at the Post Office.

Aiden Westfield R1wwimk

And chuckled at it. Does anyone ever look good in these things?

Next of Kin: Natalie Westfield.
Relationship: Mother. I thought of her. Bless her soul. Kindest woman alive.
Address: Sunny Side Aged Care Facility. Which, when I get this money, is gonna be in the past. I'll bust you out, Ma. Jail break.

During the tests performed on you by the Oxen Corporation, you may be exposed to various amounts of radiation. Signing this document gives the consent to the Oxen Corporation, and wavers any legal matters in the event of you death.
That's a bit scary, but for $20,000. Who wouldn't? They just gotta cover their backs if I have a reaction.

Organ Donor Information:
In the event of your death, do you consent the Oxen Corporation to use your body and/ or it's organs for scientific purposes and research?
This is heavy. Surely the statistics are low. I mulled it for a moment, Well, I'm gonna be dead anyways. I circled the yes, while reciting it in my head. Signed my scribble on the line, It's never the same. I mused; and dated the declaration.

The form was shorter than I had thought it would be. I got up and walked back to the desk. With an audible slam I put the paper down, the girl didn't look; but I looked at her. She kept typing on her computer, What is her problem?
Brushing it off I moved through the door. It was automatic and opened like an “X” disappearing into two walls, ceiling and floor. I felt like an X-Man and forgot my woes of the receptionist. Puffing out my chest, I walked through, flexing my hand as I pretended to be Wolverine. Maybe the radiation will give me powers. I flexed my biceps. Yeah, I'd like that.

I was met with a squat man in a white coat and I felt a laugh approach. It was muted before it could begin. No need to be rude. But seriously? This is like a movie.
He shook my hand and after a few words of exchange we moved to another white room. This one had a chair. It kinda looked like a dentist chair. Reclined and with a large light above it. Beside it was a small table with a tray on top. He guided me to the chair and I noticed a few things lain on the table. A syringe in the packet, a scalpel in the packet and a pill. It made me curious.

Okay, thank for volunteering, Aiden; before we begin I'm going to place a few electrodes on your body. Three here, on your chest; four on your head; one each on your hands and one, on the back of your neck; here at that base.” I had to sit up while he did this. My heart rate began on the monitor. Cool. I watched it is as I lay down.
It is for your own safety that I will need to put restraints on your limbs, is that okay?
While I get this all ready, why don't you tell me about your history in brief, Aiden.
I wish he didn't use my name, it made me feel nervous. “Okay; well, I was born here, in Arcane. My parents were poor, so we didn't have much. My life was pretty uneventful really, quite normal until my sister was born. I was about-” I had to think. As I did, I flexed, feeling the restraints on my wrists. They were quite comfortable and much like the ones I'd use with that hooker once. That was a fun time. “Six, I'm pretty sure I was six.”
You don't remember your age gap?” He asked, distracting me from the tightness on my legs.
“My sister died of leukemia when I was ten. So, uh yeah, I don't know the age gap.”
Oh, my apologies, Aiden.” He didn't sound sincere.
“It's what ever. I mean, we were close, I saved her from a dog attack once; the thing bit me instead. I'd show you but my hands are tied.” He didn't laugh. What is wrong with these people?
- and what about your parents?
“My dad left my mum and I when I was twelve. I think it was because my sister passed away. He kinda went crazy; and my mum didn't take it very well. She went silent and I guess, I grew up faster than I expected. I had to do everything and I looked after her day in and day out. Eventually she was on pills and it evened her out, but by then she was sixty and I just couldn't afford to look after the both of us as she wasn't working. So, she made the call – not me – that she would go stay in a village. So, I pay rent for her which is a lot less than putting food on the table for both of us and all that.”

He was standing and listening, but I noticed that there was now a small jar on the table beside the needle.
It sounds like you did a great justice for you mum. She's lucky to have you, I hope she's happy in the home.
What was that supposed to mean? It made me boil inside. “Well, no. That's why I'm here, I'm gonna get the money and go and get her out.”
That's very nice of you. Now, Aiden,” I'm going to inject you with this, it's a type of venom, but don't worry, it has some side effects, but we've had no deaths from it's use.[/b]”
I nodded. Here we go. I felt my palms sweat. I hate needles. He rubbed the alcohol swab onto my arm, dipped the bottle upside down and inserted the needle, filling it.
Then, I braced.
Relax, it won't hurt so much.” I did as the man instructed, and fell asleep.


The pain was excruciating, My eyes flew open, but there was no vision. Just black. I would have hoped it was just dark if I wasn't so incapacitated. My head throbbed like my brain had grown ten sizes too big, and it felt as though my skull had cracked to compensate. A scream ripped through the air, so loud it hurt my own ears. Too loud.
A clangorous crack emanated in my entire skull, it felt as though someone had just smashed my face to pieces with a pipe wrench. I screamed again, fighting against my restraints; but they held fast. “I don't want to do this  any more!” I tried to yell, but only sounds came out. Inaudible words, and I felt my jaw hang. Another snap, not so loud but just as excruciating and I felt my teeth disconnect from bone. Like each one was being pulled out, one by one but at an exponential speed.
I could hear the monitor beside me, the beep of my heart as it's rate escalated to what almost sounded like a flat line.
The snapping continued down my spine, and I tried to arch my back as if it would ease the tension but it was followed by an ear splitting shattering as my chest caved in. For a long moment, I was without breath. Certain that I would die of asphyxiation if I did not move, I thrashed violently against the chair, smashing my head against the back rest. I could hear the clamouring of the chair as it moved across the floor with my strength. Something crashed against the floor.
My hands flexed back and forth, and I could feel each individual finger crunching with the movements. I bent my toes as I clenched each muscle in my legs. I felt the bones snap beneath my flesh.
I heard the muffled sounds, gradually realising they were voices before I heard them clearly, “He's going to make it.
A sensation of warmth came over my entire body, a heat like the warmth of a fire and all at once – the pain disappeared and I sucked in the air as if it were gold. I was exhausted. Exhausted was an understatement, I'd felt as if I'd just run two triathlons; but oddly, I felt incredibly light. Like it weighed nothing. I felt the rise and fall of my chest as breath came more easily than before; and a taste on my tongue. I licked my lips and felt the extension as I reached my nose. It felt... different; and I didn't remember having a moustache before.
I moved my limbs, stretching but as best I could, but the restraints seemed to have tightened. I suddenly felt bound, trapped. Anger quickly escalated and a sound came from my mouth that I did not recognise.
Calm down Aiden, It's okay. We're here.
I opened my eyes to look upon the five men. I could see them so clearly, each strand of hair upon their heads, eye brows – the stubble on their chins; and I could hear their heart rates. Escalated, I could practically taste the excitement in the air.
The squat man walked over to me and I remained silent. He had something in his hands. “I have to put this around your wrist, as a safety measure.
He gave me no choice and put the thick bracelet on.
Free him.” He commanded. I noticed that his voice had changed, it wasn't as soft as when he had approached me before. Now, it was full of authority. He held something else in his hand, and then I noticed the contents of the table on the floor. My thrashing had pushed it over.
The other four men each took a cuff from my limbs and a bounced off the table, towering over the men. Each one stepped backwards slowly and measured. What is the pr- I saw my reflection in the blackened window.

Aiden Westfield Dr7H74T

Now, Experiment 23, we begin your training.
I was fixated on that which was before me, but I saw the man in the reflection behind me take a finger to the button on the control he had in his hand; I felt a buzz at my wrist from the bracelet before a crippling pain that made me crumble to my knees.

Aiden Westfield ZnmQBrY

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PostSubject: Re: Aiden Westfield   Aiden Westfield EmptyTue Sep 19, 2017 8:55 pm

L Y C A N . I N F O R M A T I O N

The sound that escaped my mouth could not have been my own. It was thrilling sound; a reverberating clap of thunder that resonated in the tiny room. Through the pain and angst of the electric shock which seemed to incapacitate me more so than cause any physical pain, I was in awe by noise I had just made.
All at once, and in the blink of an eye, the pain was gone and my muscles felt nothing but strain and tiredness from the moment of compelled tenseness. I gave myself a moment of respite, eye fixated on the long black claws upon my slender fingers I opened and closed them in study. Watching curiously at the way they bent and the way the fur bristled with each movement, the color of freshly fallen snow. At that moment, it was all that seemed to hold my attention.
"Get up."
Like a beacon, the voice called a fury forth and like a wild fire I felt it burn into every precipice of my body. The heat swam through my veins and I leaped upward, that vociferous roar screaming from my open mouth once again; but this time I did not hear it. In it's stead I felt a throbbing inside my mind, like my brain would explode if I were to remain still. It radiated into my muscles and a hunger tainted my being. I swung around upon steady and limber toes, crouching low to the ground and could feel every fiber in my bodice contracting and pulsating with the desire. Nothing else mattered at that moment when I spied my victim.
I saw the small mans mouth move, but heard nothing come from those lips. I did, how ever, feel the rise and fall of my chest and upon my tongue, I could taste his sweat. Saliva slipped from betwixt my pearly white teeth and a crept forward, lowering ever more to the ground. I stalked the man, though he could see clearly that I was there. My heart had quickened, spreading the flame of craving deep into me.
I witnessed the panic in those brown eyes, watching them intently with orbs like blue fire. His fear tickled in my mouth and I felt my tongue slip wildly over my thick lips, caressing sharp teeth hungrily.
The man took a few steps backwards, edging towards the door. Inaudibly, his lips moved again. I didn't recognize the words that I heard, I could only focus on the erratic rhythm of his heart beating. His arms raised, holding the button between his fingers. I could see that he was threatening me, threatening to press it again but I didn't care.
I felt a rumble from deep within my chest and unrelenting I sprang at the fat man with urgency. His finger slammed on the button, and I slammed into him; but invisible restraints tied my limbs as the electricity coursed through my body once more.
I gasped for breath and watched the man get to his feet; but air would not enter my lungs. The door flew open, and it was as if all my senses returned. Their footsteps were heavy upon the hard ground as at least a dozen men entered the room, all armed with artillery.
I could feel my eyes beginning to pop from their sockets from the lack of oxygen to those lungs of mine, I could have screamed; and just as I did, air was sucked in and I filled myself full of it. Drained of my energy, I let the men straddle me, tie me and bound me tightly.
The short man knelt in front of me and shook his head. "Perhaps next time, you will learn more quickly, hm?"
I was too exhausted to respond.
Deep breaths came and went as I drifted in and out of consciousness, catching tidbits of words and sentences as scientists danced around and men shifted me -


"...Is of an average height, measuring at 9'2". That is taller than the last one.
I felt them lift me, but I slipped out of consciousness just as I heard -
Weight: 350lbs .

The click of a button was soft, but enough to stir my thoughts, and I heard the white noise of a camcorder as well as a voice. "In Appearance, he is slender, lacking real bulk like others we've had; but he is of an athletic build. Much like his human form. His limbs are very human also, sporting long curved black claws on each finger and toe.'
Fur the color of freshly fallen snow, soft to the touch. Watching the footage from earlier, his eyes are of an ice blue coloring, seeming to real enhance the natural blue color of his human eyes; and this males ears are large, tapering almost as long as a rabbits ears.'
I stopped listening then, feeling the heavy weight of fatigue; or perhaps that was sedatives. I didn't know anymore.


The sounds of papers rustling nearby was the first thing I noticed, followed by footsteps. My eyes flickered open, but soon fell closed. I decided to leave it that way. I felt a grogginess in my body and knew they had been pumping me full of drugs.
A pink tongue slipped past lips that had gone dry to wet them and a different voice was heard this time.
"His only weakness at this time seems to be the inability to control his lycanthrope rage."

Aiden Westfield ZnmQBrY
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