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 The Pantheon Of Gods

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PostSubject: The Pantheon Of Gods   Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:46 am

This is just a little side project I am working on, most of these "Gods" will be more oriented towards Serus and the Shadow Realm, but, if you have any ideas for any of the stuff I come up with here, please, feel free to get ahold of me and we will discuss them.

Sanguis, The Lord of Death, Battle, and Blood.
Despite the potentially brutal imagery that this description may elicit in ones mind, Sanguis is by no means a mindless, brutal, killing machine. In fact, it is said in battle, that, the heroes of yore that faced him when the gods walked the earth, all claimed he was one of the most honorable and elegant fighters they had ever witnessed. Those who follow his creed, are primarily warriors, seeking to honor him through glorious battle and the spilled blood of their enemies. The belief is that, those who die honorably on the battle field, Sanguis walks amongst them, choosing the best among them to join his holy band. The rest, he personally escorts into the afterlife, where they live forever, fighting, drinking, and enjoying an eternity not unlike what is called Val Hala by the vikings.

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The Pantheon Of Gods
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