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 Christiielle Leilani 'Cielle' Axillia

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PostSubject: Christiielle Leilani 'Cielle' Axillia   Christiielle Leilani 'Cielle' Axillia EmptyFri Oct 06, 2017 7:16 am

Name: Christiielle L A-Axillia
Age: 21
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 5"7
Scent: Chocolate Lavender
Species: Mixed
Group: Loner some what
Race: Mixed
Breed: Half human
Voice: Soft, gentle and clear
Birthday: April 4th 1996
Alignment: Good Neutral
Powers: Holy fire/White fire Manipulation
          Electricity Manipulation
          Divine Protection


  • Can create, shape and manipulate fire of beneficial nature, that which strengths, enhances and causes anything or everything it comes across to flourish representing the sustaining and persevering side of life

  • Can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles, allowing control over electric fields, all charge carriers, electronics, and electromagnetic forces.

  • The ability to create a protected aura/shield of pure divine/godly energy which protects the user or others against corruption or malevolent entities.


  • Distance, mass, precison, depends on the knowledge, skill and strength of the user. What they gain in versatility / fire control they lose in power.

  • May be unable to create electricity, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.

    Electricity needs a conductor like metal or water to move through, therefore electricity can neither exist in nor move through a vacuum and may be insulated by non-conductive matter, such as air and rubber.

    Electricity may be redirected by certain materials.

    A strong enough magnetic force/source may be beneficial or hinderful.

    May be limited only to the path of least resistance.

    May become useless if confronted with electrical resistant material, such as rubber or silicate.

    May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.

    Reflection Manipulation could cause a problem since it's unclear if users are immune or not.

    May have problems using electronics.

    May be short-circuited under certain conditions:

    Contact with water, a magnet, the opposite polarity, etc.

    Absence/lack of electrical resistance between the positive and negative polarities.

  • If the user's source of divine power is eliminated or disrupted, they will become vulnerable to dangerous forces

Personality: Cielle likes to be alone. She is a strong willed and stubborn person and though she comes from a Religious background she is not highly religious at all. She believes in God yes but she also believes in "help will come to those who help themselves." For her honesty, trust and loyalty is the best policy and sometimes it gets the best of her as she gets taken advantage of sometimes. She doesn't look at things from the perspective of the glass being half full or the glass being half empty but rather that the glass can be refilled when ever need be. Dishonest people irk her and she tends to unforgiving to those who cross her the wrong way. She doesn't like leading or following but rather stand back in the shadows while being the strategist. Though she may come across as intimidating she can be a total sweet heart with her heart on her sleeve at times.

Description: Cielle is a white haired blue eyed girl with bluish purple strands of hair. She is the picture of serenity and innocence with her large doe eyes, long flouncy hair, round face and slightly pouted lips. She can be very quiet and look very timid but her bite is worse than her bark. You can find her always by alone, reading, writing or sometimes singing softly to herself. She can be found wearing a pair of slightly lose fitted black gym pants with a black v neck t-shirt, finger-less gloves and flats. She prefers loose clothing to tight ones and keeps up a tomboyish appearances unless the situation calls for another option. She keeps to a well balanced meal as well as exercise for obvious reasons as well as the obvious lack of companions to do otherwise.

Belongings: Cielle has 5 belongings that are always on her person no matter what. Around her waist is a small leather bag which was hexed by her mother (Who is a half witch) so that she could carry any amount of things at any given time and not feel the weight of the items and the bag never changed in size unless she wanted it too. The second belonging is a silver bangle that she wore on her right arm which was also a gift from her mother; Her full name is engraved into it with special magic so that only a few people who were loyal to the crown and church would see it. The third and fourth items were two necklaces one given to her by her father and the other one a gift from a water elemental. The last item a small dagger given to her as a parting gift from the church also a family heirloom.

History: Cielle's given name is actually Christiielle L Angellic Axillia. She was born to Princess Celestine Angellic and High Ranking Official Kamonde Axillia in the land of Celeste. Princess Celestine Angellic is a elemental witch and H.R.O Kamonde Axiilia a half human half Celestial. She was taught by her parents as well as the church officials and palace librarians and teachers all she knew until she was deemed a worthy experiment for the church and their shenanigans. She is an only Child for now.

Church name: Axillia

Family name: Caelestra

Territory claimed: North

Moral: Knowledge of Good and Evil; Right and Wrong

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Christiielle Leilani 'Cielle' Axillia
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