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PostSubject: Exploration   Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:29 am

The massive wolf trotted across the empty plateau, well,seemingly empty. To a human's senses, there seemed to be very little, if anything, alive there beyond the vegetation. But, to the senses of a wolf, there was life everywhere, mice, rabbits, that sort of thing. The silence, the calm, the peace, it was a lovely alternative after the violence and chaos of Arcane. Granted, he had enjoyed the fighting and killing, as was the call of his blood. But, even for someone such as himself, a break was nice, and he had let the shadow slide from himself, revealing his snow white fur. The wind played across open ground before him, kicking up a small cloud of dust where a rabbit was spooked by the movement of small bush. He came upon small dip in the land, and crested the rise leading to it, once he could see, he saw a small heard of deer explode from cover, racing away from him. Smiling at the prospect of the hunt, he broke into a trot, trying to pick out which one he would bring down. Ah, a nice large buck, that would do nicely, and enough to share if anyone should show up.

The creature was rather magnificent, though, a small rack from having lost it the previous winter and not yet having regrown it. The buck was a wily one, and knew how to run. Which was a fantastic thing, allowing Blade to stretch himself out, one of the rare times he let the darkness flow from his fur. A white streak chasing after a the deer. Over the brush, flowing across the land, the stag with its graceful bounding stride, and the white streak of wolf behind him.

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:56 am

The rays of the sun punctured through the viele of greeny and beyond to rest upon the delicate porcelean skin of the sleeping maiden. The minutes ticked by and the warmth of the sun sunk and spread its ray through her being. She stirred and a soft smile spread across her pink colored lips. She awakened to a bright and sunny day, the light chasing away the darkness of her dreams to the point she could not recall that which she had dreamt, but only for a moment. As she stirred and sat upright, her body still ached reminding her of the horror her and her family had left. Her smile and turned slowly down at the memories that she and the others had endured. Golden eyes looked at her right hand that had curled into the blanket of grass. A new home…again…

Ignoring the protest of her body, she stood and stretched, then examined her skin. The blisters from the fire where healed and gone, but the scars where fresh in her mind. The puncture wounds in her wrist where starting to smooth over, no longer red and angry where the metal rod was staked through to siphon and call forth her healing ability at will. She shuddered and shook her head. The Corporation had seen her healing herself after Blade, who had been under their control, attacked her. She could not let herself not heal as the injuries from the fire and the wounds that he inflicted where very severe.

Soon though, Blade had left her in that room, alone or so her muddled brain had told her and soon she allowed herself to heal. She should have known better, that they were watching, but she had been hurt pretty badly and did not want to be left vulnerable, but even with healing, she could not do much. She could only heal the injuries at 30 or so percent had she had little energy left to speed up her own healing. They had caught the little display on camera anyway and soon more soldiers filed in and carted her to a new location.

The siphoning rods had been placed through her wrist, as the scientist and doctors did not want to injure her hands; they hooked her to so many machines and then pain. Pain had clouded her senses to where that’s all she could see, smell, feel, and touch. With a touch of a button, the rods had come to life sending white hot flames through her body. The electrodes called to that part of her that manifested her ability and through the support of the rods, siphoned what she had and manifested her healing to the rods to the physical plan. Soldier after soldier came to be engulfed in the large sphere her healing magic’s had created, and one by one their men where renewed with the strength while she was steadily being drained of hers.

With a startled cry she wretched herself from her thoughts and wiped her eyes. She and the others were no longer at that place, they where somewhere else, a new home, a new beginning. With that thought in mind, it renewed her spirit. Undressing, she placed the filthy clothes in a pile. With a soft smile she spoke the words that would destroy them forever, erasing yet another bad memory: Incendia.

The clothes caught fire and soon there was not a thread left, feeling cleansed and renewed she gave herself over to the change. Fur rippled where flesh once was, bones snapped and reshaped, contorting, resizing, and soon a petite manned lycan stood in Aleria’s place. Flexing her hands/paws she tilted her head up to basked in the glory of the sun, to be purified and cleansed by its warmth. She stood with eyes closed, head tilted back basking in the sun letting it warm her fur and spread to blossom inside her chest. She remained so until all the negative thoughts were driven away, the tremors of her memories ceased, the erratic beating of her heart slowed to a steady beat, until she felt almost at peace, ready to face this new place.

As she opened her eyes, she felt a million times better. She breathed in the many new scents of flowers she had never seen before, of species not on Kumari, the dirt, the air…

The…a large brown shape leaped and bound over the hedges a few feet in front of her soon followed by a white streak. Startled yet surprised, her ears swiveled and her head turned to watch the two beast run, but only for a moment. It registered that the first was a buck and the second was Blade.

…Blade… her chest constricted and she felt herself loose just a touch of the warmth she had felt a moment ago. For it saddened her to think of what he endured at the hands of the Corporation. Thoughts of their “fight” never registered, she knew it was not him, he had no control.

Before she could chicken out, she raced after them. She had not seen him or spoke to him since …then. She hoped he knew that she laid no blame to him, but well, if he didn’t she would tell him, but for now she would chase them and see how things went.

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:24 am

Diving over the hedge after the stag, he saw a flash of what looked like burnished orange as he flew past. A quick glance back told him it was Aleria, whom he had not seen since they had crossed over to this new land, though he was glad she was healthy enough to shift. He held some resentment towards himself over the atrocities he had committed, not only to her, but towards other lycans, while he had been held under Oxen control. But, that was the past, and right now, he was chasing down lunch. All this passed through his mind in a brief moment, not slowing his pace as he fluidly, for his size, chased after the stag. Fast as the stag was, Blade was, perhaps, just a step or so quicker, and possessed more endurance. The chase went for miles, the large wolf was actually thoroughly enjoying the chase and exercise. After the time spent in Arcane, while he had flexed his muscles there, it had been in combat. Now, however, he was relishing the stretch and pull of the motion that was running.

Step by step, moment by moment, now the stag was growing weary, slowly being worn down by the relentless pace over such a distance. Finally coming into range, Blade lunged forward, just far enough to catch the exposed tendon on the back of its leg with a tooth, that tore straight through. The stag let out a pained scream as it began to tumble down a rather steep incline, having lost its footing from surprise. About 50 yards down, the incline ended in a sudden cliff, dropping the beast about 100 feet, where it impacted the rock floor with a meaty thud that could be heard from where he stood. "Well, thats one way to do it." He mused, and, seeing an easy way down to the beast, Blade moved down and took the first large, warm, blood filled bite of his quary.

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:53 am

The shift took a bit longer than normal. But she had never felt happier. It had been awhile since she shifted to her lycn form. Her other half.

She never shifted while in arcane and not when She captured, it would have taken crucial minutes and left her more vulnerable than she had been.

She embraced the shift, and as it completed she marveled at the rush and adrenaline it gave her.

The freedom of running...there was nothing like it. As her front right paw tapped the ground, a jarring pain shot up her leg. It was such a shock she whimpered and then ground her teeth to stop the sound from traveling. Her running came to a slow trot, her ears pinned back at the dissatisfaction of not being healed completely.

She looked down at her paws and huffed they would Be healed soon She guessed. As she followed the trial left by the stag and blade, her mind wandered.

The others had suffered on a level She couldn't comprehend...Blade and Aiden had both had their free will stripped from them, there choices taken away. Kara..and Blaze...hmm

They had suffered more than she, her wounds more physical. As she made her way closer she didn't make another whimper, this...was nothing. She could be strong just like the others and be there for them...

She energed from the thicket to a small decline... Stepping to the edge she looked down and saw Blade and his catch.

She bowed her head and for a moments pause she thanked the stag. For it's life.

To blade: She wagged her tail in greeting and hers perking up.

It was a good sign to see Blade and that he was eating and to also know that where ever they were it had deer to sustain then. She wondered what else was out there
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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:18 pm

As he had his head buried in the carcass of the beast, the sound of disturbed rocks and pebbles rolling down the hill came to his ears. Pulling his head back, Blade looked up to see Aleria making her way down towards him. His own tail raised up and wagged back at her, he nudged a the carcass, looked up at her, intending her to help herself to some, then stuck his head back in. Yes, he could have simply told her to help herself, but, well, he was more hungry than anything else right now, and there was more than enough to share. The cartilage crunched deliciously between his powerful jaws as he made quick work filling his belly from the bounty that he had chased down.

((Sorry, short, i know))

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:22 am

The mere moments waiting for his reply crushed heavily on her heart. She feared for him, for them. Their friendship. The Corporation had taken much, she hoped that that wasn't also gone.

Soon though, he looked up and all her fears vanished as he happily greeted her and invited her to eat. It hadn't been her goal to seek out his meal, only to just be with him. To see him. To know how he was.

At his invite, she slowly made her way down the incline ignoring the sharp jagged pain that shot up her arms from her wrist.

She was healed, but the tendons were sore.

She didn't say anything as she made her way to him. His greetings to her made the atmosphere calm and happy. Comfortable.

At the nudge she dipped her head and took a small piece, letting him have his fill.

On the chase, he and the stag had quickly disappeared as she was not able to keep up in the chase. On the path she saw many berries, weeds, and flowers that they could enjoy, along with small prey.

Wherever they had ended up, it looked to be able to provide for them.

She looked to him as he ate, her heart and mind made up. She would do anything to keep her family safe and for this to be their forever home.

Blade, Blaze, Kara. Her familia. Together.

With that thought, she took another small piece. A calm happiness settling in.

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration   

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