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PostSubject: Unexplored North The Royal Kingdom   Unexplored North The Royal Kingdom EmptyFri Oct 06, 2017 10:50 am

Caelestra, the capital and home to the prestigious Caelestrial Family and Church; this place is known for its pristine waters and luscious greenery surrounding the palace and inside the palace grounds; where all types of forestry can be found and exotic animals roam the outskirts of the land. Other than the Royal Family and Co-Founder of Caelestra there are two other islands who rule under Caelestra under different names; Celeste and The island of Crystals. These places are known for their extremely graceful and cultured people who are friendly and ready to help at any given time. The Capital can be found unlike other places in the country side since all of its inhabitants prefer to be closer to nature; where their crops can be harvested and sold fresh from the ground and the waters are fresh and clean to be used straight from the source. The ports bring in fresh fish straight from the sea which is basically in their back yard. The royal family come out on Saturdays to meet the people and buy their ingredients straight from the vendors as a way to interact and socialize with their subjects. This place is very peaceful there are rarely issues or violence to be heard about.
That was until the second generation of officials took over. By then the king and queen had had three daughters Princess Cira, Idalia and Asteria of Caelestra. The country was slowly going into turmoil. The church was becoming corrupt and since they worked side by side with the royal family they slowly began to corrupt the King's Advisor and the kingdom slowly began to deteriorate. By Princess Asteria's 16th birthday Queen Elana gave birth to a son Prince Misae. By then the third generation of officials had come into power and the corruption grew; only a few officials stayed true to their doctrines and were eager to teach the Princess Asteria Cealestra anything she wanted to know since she showed genuine interest in the old ways and teachings. Since she was third princess to the throne she wasnt much paid attntion to as the first and second for all the duties fell upon Princess Cira and Idalia so she had ample free time to do what she pleased. Princees Asteria showed promise and they were willing to follow her anywhere she went. At 18 she had a small following of people who adored, respected and loved. The princess was apallled at the amount of corruption that was going through her country, her mother and father were terribly sick and their advisors seemed to be anticipate their death for Princess Cira to take over. Asteria confided in her sister Idalia who understood and praised Asteria's growth in knowledge but there was nothing she could do Cira was already under the advisor's mentorship and there were nothing they could do. At age 19 Princess Asteria left the palace with the blessing of her sister Idalia and together with her small following she set sail into the darkness of the night. Into the unknown.
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Unexplored North The Royal Kingdom
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