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Whether you're a Royal or a commoner they all get the respect they deserve. Queen Elana and King Aysel of Cealestra welcome many to their loving home. You are free to do as you're pleased as long as it doesn't contradict the rules or hurt the people or places in the surrounding area. Contributing to the church is one of the ways to get you in good graces as the church provides food, clothing and shelter to all who are in need of it. They live like one huge family with flourishing lands and well behaved children. No one will destroy because they understand that in other to keep the beauty and upstanding of the country you must take care of it. They often export goods to other neighbouring countries in need. Their other two sub colonies are The island of Crystals and Celeste who were founded by a Prince and Princess of the Royal family. Celeste is an island located towards the East of Caelestra and The Island of Crystals towards the West. They often share and contribute to each others societies as of recent and all three places seem to be thriving successfully.
This was how it was in the days of King Aysel and Queen Elana before they died. Now it was like a dictatorship. There was hardly a view of the Prince or Princess. They were like Prisioners in their own homes. Princess Cira now acting Queen in the place of her deceased parents were ruled by the Church. The advisors had say in everything they called The Queen Cira the puppet Queen. Idalia's job was to take care of the young Prince until he was old enough to rule on his own. Thank God Asteria left when she did, though she was seen as a traitor or a runaway Idalia knew that her sister did what she had to do, she just hoped that she was safe and alive..
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