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PostSubject: Kairos Unit.   Kairos Unit. EmptySun Oct 08, 2017 1:16 pm

(n.) The perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting righteousness of time and place that create the opportune atmosphere for actions, words or movement.

(n.) An individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole.

Primary Species:
Shape Shifter – Wolf.


Aleria Nakumara, Benjamin Nekishu, Danarius Blackthorne, Kara Rae Kurokami.

Territories claimed:
No territories will be claimed as a “Pack Family”, instead they may follow the Guide Lines to own individual lands which will be listed below for visitation preference.

No Sigil.


True Neutral.
A True Neutral character or organization can be introduced as a Wild Card, neither aligned with the Hero nor the Big Bad. On the other hand, they may well be on one side or the other, at least nominally. Perhaps they care little for the conflict and have their own goals, which are neither particularly good or evil. A True Neutral scientist may work for the good guys because it furthers their research, but they may also work for the bad guys for the same reason. They could also be on whichever side their friends are, just because of that. True Neutral characters can seem somewhat selfish, but they can also seem rather happy-go-lucky in comparison to more responsible characters. 

This group of wolves consider themselves a pack of individuals. It is not a pack one can request to become apart of; so much so as it is a pack you are accepted into. You simply become a member of this family by sharing the bond that already exists between them, growing the connection.
- but this sounds more simple than any would lead on.
Their years of friendship has given them a bond stronger and more formidable than any seen before. Each wolf considers themselves an equal just as much as the next, to the point where no single wolf leads this band of misfits, but they rule themselves. They work as a council, as individuals and as a unit simultaneously; when decisions need to be made, they make it together by being open and opinionated but diplomatic in approach, never seeing anything through that doesn't have a unanimous vote; and though they are all extremely different in personality, more often than not they will see eye to eye.
They are called upon by fellow packs, and individuals when needed and choose to help because that is where their heart and loyalties lie. They delve into the affairs of the less fortunate to offer their skills in combat and their wisdom of life to those whom seek and call upon it.

They may travel alone, or together, but when one is near, you know the others will not be far. Do not mistake their kind nature for weakness, it would not be prudent to mess with one of these wolves, less you would ask for a swift demise.


Alleria is the definition of amiable. Her delicate voice sings of friendship and she will jump at the opportunity to help absolutely anyone; as a healer this is a wanton quality. This female will shy away from conflict where it is possible, but just because she is not willing to start a fight does not mean she should be taken lightly.
She has the mind of a warrior beyond her years (though she wont admit it), trained by her father – a seasoned warrior known through out many lands – she may not be the strongest being, but her approach in combat is tactical, able to best a beast far beyond her size by using her brain.
Alerias strongest quality is her mind. She is level headed and fair, taking each and every ones values into mind; and more often than not she will not voice her opinion if she feels that someone else is more just than her own.

Benjamin, AKA Blaze, is a diplomatic male. Level headed and not easily tempered. He weighs all opinions and ideas before coming to his own conclusion, giving all others the floor to speak first without interruption before voicing himself.
He gives protection to everyone, even those whom do not seem to need it, and is by no means a weak individual. Years of being the alpha male to a pack that has now disbanded, has given him a level head, a patience unmatched,  and strength to be feared. Though his leadership was tested by many an outsider, his pack remained strong in their loyalty to him; and him to them, not once losing his status in combat.

Danarius, AKA Blade, is a monster of a warrior. He is the King of The Shadow Realm and has over 200 years under his belt. He is born not of this world, and it shows in his massive form. Combat is his strong suit, barrelling through his opponents with ease like a knife through butter. Centuries of combat has seen him with an upstanding military brain, tactical in approach as well as a prowess to be one of the strongest warriors.
This brute prefers the company of himself rather than others, and is not afraid to draw first blood, should the recipient be warranted enough; but his loyalty is a strength to be admired.
The Shadow Realm in which this monster calls home has a much heavier density in gravitational pull than our earthly realm, and so this man tires less easily within the reaches of our gravity than most.

Kara is a fiery female. She is the smallest of the four, but do not be fooled into thinking this damsel is a push over by any means. She is lethal with her powers and can cull a man at his finest in the blink of an eye.
This female is a solitary soul, finding solace in the company of few beings, but this has played as a strength in her life as she has become dependent to only herself. Those that share her company only do so because she wants them there. These few can expect the utmost loyalty and friendship. How ever, Kara is not afraid to voice her opinion to any one, be them a leader or a subordinate.
Though she may seem a hard demon with burning crimson eyes at first meeting, her interior is as soft as a marshmallow, should you press the right buttons. She will always offer protection for those  that call upon it, but should you prove yourself disloyal to her or her own, you will face the wrath of darkness like you've never seen before.

As there is no true ranking system in this group, the morals are subjected to the individual attending the matter. While one may deem something as unimportant, another may deem it very important and so when choosing one or a number of these wolves to aid in your conquest, the individual should be chosen within the knowledge of the being.
How ever, in common, they share many things. Family is first and foremost important; defending those that cannot defend themselves will always be a prominent act, but also choosing the right path for the outcome of the lands and all those which inhabit it.

Again, because they are such diverse individuals, their cultures will differ from each individual. Although this group has considered themselves family since a young age, they have developed into wise and characteristic characters that have learnt to speak for themselves.
Though all of them are fairly friendly, they may not seem completely approachable at times. Some may find these certain characters intimidating, while some might find them endearing. It is based solely on individual encounters. How ever, should you have the ability to weasel your way into their hearts, you will find them of the most caring, protective and diverse range of beings you have encountered.

No ranks. All of the members of this family consider themselves as equals.

"Loyalty will only be given to those willing to lower themselves to pick it up."

K A I R O S . U N I T
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