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 In the search for greatness.

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In the search for greatness. Empty
PostSubject: In the search for greatness.   In the search for greatness. EmptyThu Feb 15, 2018 9:45 am

This thread is adjacent to the current plots; instead it will be used as an example for combat mediation.


B E N J A M I N . N E K I S H U
f a t h e r || g u a r d i a n || e l e m e n t a l
p r o f i l e ‚Äč

"Loyalty should only be given to those willing to lower themselves to pick it up."

A light breeze had blown through the lands, it had switched and swirled, blown left from right; been caught in small whirlwinds of turmoil, sifted through trees; blown through herds of deer and caught delicious aromas of all that was present in this day; but it also carried the secret of a life form upon it. If one was to looks close enough, tiny embers would gather and coalesce and disperse upon this wind, riding it lazily from West to East over the period of half a day. Though forests and Plains and Rivers to come to rest upon the tops of the Mountainous range, and dip into the Plateau high above the new found lands.
All at once the embers gathered, swirling in a small but murderous storm. The wind picked up debris from the ground, tore grass from its cortex and began to piece together the form of a man. The earth beneath Benjamins feet twisted and churned, burning beneath the heat of his approach until he stood naked, the crackling subsiding just a swiftly as it had begun.
Unlike many of his friends, Benjamin could not materialize with his material possessions, and were he in wolf form, he would just carry his pouch with his attire inside; but he had chosen to hone in his newly acquired power. Knowing that his friend would provide him with clothing when arrived at the designated location.
Emerald eyes scanned through narrowed lids to investigate the perimeter, looking around the location for any sign of his friend and combat partner. He guessed Blade would have been close by probably eating his fill, or preparing himself some how, for their fight to come. A soft sigh passed through thins lips absent of thought as the male began to walk towards the rocks that jutted out from the ground nearby, signalling the sharp drop of a cliff. The sun was bright, and it took a short moment for his eyes to adjust to the sudden burst it had given him. Benjamin had grown used to the forest light, the way the sun was filtered through the tree canopy; but he welcomed the warmth as the ultraviolet rays penetrated his skin and restored his vitamin D.
The slate grey rocks were hot against the soles of his feet, such a difference to the warm grass that it gave way from. He peered down the cliff face and noted the straight drop to the ground below, with keen eye sight he could see the small boulders that had broken free from that which he stood, signifying the imminent danger should one fall.
Bending into a squat, Blaze sat upon the warmth of the stone and folded his legs into a crossed position. He took a long moment to look over the land and marveled at such a vantage point before he closed his eyes, cleared his wandering mind and began to meditate while he awaited an old friend.

Word length: 404
Muse: Excited
Tags: @Bladewolf

Art/Code by Eclipse- Do not use without permission!

In the search for greatness. ZnmQBrY
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PostSubject: Re: In the search for greatness.   In the search for greatness. EmptyFri Feb 16, 2018 8:45 am

The area surrounding Blaze began to darken, and what looked like thunderclouds began to form above him, tendrils of darkness creeping out from anywhere that housed a shadow. A great black malestrom began to swirl around the entire area, wind began to pick up as the seeming clouds billowed and grew more menacing. What appeared to be black lightening leapt from the central mass of cloud in a massive bolt striking the ground with enough force to throw debris into the air. Before the dust was able to settle, the clouds had dissipated and the light had returned to it original level. Standing at the point where the lightning had hit, was Blade, with his typical smile on his face. "Hey," He said, as though he had not just imitated a force of nature for his entrance.

"You, look like you could use some clothing." He laughed after taking in Blaze's current state. "Here." he said, tossing him a roll of cloth knowing the male would know what to do with it.

((Sorry if its a touch short))

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In the search for greatness.
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