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 Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP))

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Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP)) Empty
PostSubject: Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP))   Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP)) EmptyFri Feb 23, 2018 4:43 pm

Name - Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne

Age - Around 18

Weight - 155 pounds

Height - 6 foot

Scent -

Species - Human Xexoran Hybrid

Group - Lone for now

Race - Xenoran, at least half by blood, resembles someone of Nordic heritage

Breed - Shadow Wolf

Voice - Scarlett Johansen as Black Widow

Birthday - April 3rd

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Shadow Manipulation
Being the daughter of one of the more powerful masters of shadow, of course she inherited some of that ability.
She can wield the very essence of shadow as a powerful too.  Crafting it into weapons as she needs them, or nearly any other item needed to be at her disposal

Growing up she did not have much, having been left at an orphanage at an early age.  What she did have though, was a book.  That book, opened another world for her, a world which could be channeled through symbols called Aons to affect reality.  Brilliant glowing symbols that she draws in the air unlocked seemingly untold powers, from fiery vortexs to the ability to heal.

Strengths and Weaknesses.
As with most shadow wielders, if you put her in a sufficiently lit room, with no darkness, she is unable to wield them.
She also needs the use of her hands to draw the aons.  If she is bound and unable to draw, as with a bright room, the power of the Dor is locked away from her.
Beyond her abilities, if you manage to get her into a knock down drag out fight, you can wear her down. Granted yes, that does take significant effort as she also seems to have inherited a not insignificant facet of her fathers physical prowess.

Confident would probably be a good word to ascribe to her, but some would definitely call her cocky.  Having grown up essentially a street kid, she had to grow up fast.  Her abilities made things easier for her, but, she always felt like an outsider in any group she ran with.  Even when she ostensibly ran those groups, she always felt like the others put her above them.

Her bearing, or at least the one that she puts on as a public front, is nicely accentuated by her appearance. Standing as she does at about 6 feet makes her taller than most women she encounters, a sometimes annoying attribute of her Xenoran bloodline. Combined with her hair, to call it raven black would be a disservice to the sheer depth of black that it is. Her eyes, while not the piercing shade of purple her fathers are, are still noticeably colored, they are a darker combination of red and purple, somewhat akin to a dark wine. Skin not quite porcelain white, which as you can imagine makes quite the striking contrast when combined with her eyes and hair, which generally falls to about her shoulders. Her physique is fit and trim, yet with a certain softness in all the , ahem, right places so to speak. She has, and often, used this to her advantage growing up.

She doesnt carry a lot of stuff with her, there is her book, however, while not the source of her power with the Dor, it does hold the symbols she uses, even some she has as yet not mastered the use of. Outside of the book, there are two other items that she has kept, and at one point killed, to get get back. They are a dagger with a finely wrought handle and an artisan looking pommel, and a necklace with a black glittering rose that seems to dance on the edge of being a wolfs head. Both of which, she was told before she left the orphanage, were left with her when her mother gave her up all those years ago.

Still working on what i want to put here, but, i suppose the biggest bit would be, she does not know that Bladewolf is her father, or what he even looks like. She just has a general feeling pulling her towards these lands, where she feels she might be able to find him.
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Posts : 16
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Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP))   Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP)) EmptyMon Feb 26, 2018 3:25 pm

The audition to adopt this character will include writing her history, and it must include the small piece i have already included
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Ellantra "Elle" Roshar-Blackthorne (((WIP))
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