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PostSubject: Flesh and Blood Lost   Flesh and Blood Lost EmptySat Feb 24, 2018 10:35 am

A smell in the air like no other place, a constant roar as dramatic, stable, yet erratic as one's heart and a surface below one's paws that radiated the heat from the sun, the ocean was a place to let one's mind go and forget the problems one faced. Even one who has seen time beyond a normal lifespan cold feel the pain of a broken bond. The ocean could cure many things, pain of the heart being one of them when you could loose yourself in it well enough. Some bonds were stronger though than the vast ocean, the never ending waves, the tiny droplets of water that left the surf and stuck on one's fur practically inviting you to submerge yourself entirely. Some hurts could not be fixed by a walk on the beach. Pausing, the white head slowly turned to gaze at the single line of tracks behind her from, the told the story of a long and lonely stroll, striking yet insignificant as the waves calmed some of her tracks. Shaking to try and shake off her own feelings her mind played back the way she felt the previous day.

"You aren't her! You don't look like her, you don't sound like her, you don't even smell like her! The only thing you can tell me is you don't know if she's still in there, you don't even know if she'll come back. You took her! You claim to be family, you claim to offer me comfort but from what? Calling someone I hardly know family? Going on and just pretending everything is ok? No!  We are NOT family, I am not YOUR son! You are nothing but a stranger..... Stay out of my life." The silver wolf before her was radiant with pain yet his words were unclouded, he held back nothing and he felt no remorse in them, that she could tell.That was his gift the gift of voice and thunder. If she was any other wolf he would have felt the same amount of anger and pain overwhelm her and return it all right back at him. Her own powers of emotion negated that, just she could not sooth him, he could not anger her. Light knew she wasn't Kit, that they weren't blood but they still had ties to bind them. Apparently they weren't good enough for the young  man who saw her as nothing but a fake. "That is not true, I can-" "Forget it! We're done here...." Without another word the wolf turned and ran. Light could have chased after him but why should she? The fight would not be resolved, the pain in the young man's heart would not fade any time soon, nor would the sorrow in her own as she felt the ties between them slacken.

Light couldn't really explain to herself why she felt such pain. He was not truly her family, really he was an elemental user so that would mean any other in the world could be called family in that way. He was Kit's son not her own but she still wished to mother him, to care for him, to spend time with him but why? Was she longing for family, was she trying to bring back Kit or was she trying to make her own life. Was it possible she was lonely? True she was rather distant from the others of her kind but for what reason? Was she scared what might come of it, the chance Kit would just not come back? Or did she not want to replace her old body? She deserved to enjoy the social life as much as others right? And if nothing came from it, well she could just be a friend to the others. Or was it selfish of her to want that, to want what everyone wants, to not be alone. Not having the answers was not something she was comfortable with, nor was this entire situation. With no answers coming to her she turned her head forward and walked on.

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Flesh and Blood Lost
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