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PostSubject: Shadrack BoneCleaver   Shadrack BoneCleaver EmptySun Feb 25, 2018 5:18 pm

This character is a bit of an NPC/PC Hybrid, so, can be played as a separate character, or he can be worked into a post.
In general, think of a bit of an Alfred from Batman character

Name - Shadrack BoneCleaver

Age - Looks to be in his early 30s

Weight - 200 pounds

Height - 6 foot 6 inches

Scent - Parchment and Mint

Species - Xenoran

Group - I suppose it would be, by site definition, Lone

Race - Xenoran

Breed - Does not have a second form

Voice - Imagine a slightly deeper version of Alfred, from Batman

Birthday - It works out to around October 23rd

Alignment - Lawful Neutral, everything in its place, but, if you fuck with the house, your gonna get a world of hurt

Powers - Organization.  If it takes place within the castle or on its grounds, he knows about it.  Its not entirely known if its due to some sort of supernatural ability or if he is simply that good.  As was shown the first time Kara visited the castle along with Blaze and Aleria, all he had to do was a quick double check of his clipboard to verify who she was.

Strengths and Weaknesses - Well, first off, he has no background as a warrior. So, if he gets into a fight, then, well, while he isnt a complete pushover, he wouldnt be able to put up much of a fight to anyone who knows HOW to fight.  

Personality - Calm for the most part, in control and knowledgable.  After having served as steward to Blade for so many years, and having watched him grow up, it is highly unusual for anything to really fluster or get under his skin, at least outwardly.  

Description - To say his Xenoran heritage is obvious would be a redundant statement, as he has never left the world.  For a Xenoran he is not all that remarkable, there are taller individuals, as attested to by looking at Bladewolf, and there are shorter.  In a word, physically speaking, he is average.
Standing at 6 and a half feet, he cuts a confident figure in what looks like well cut and well fitting quasi-medieval garb.  His head of coppery hair is tinged in places with gray, however instead of making him look old, it gives him a distinguished, almost regal, appearance.  His eyes are a medium brown color that can lighten or darken slightly with his mood.

Belongings - Some might think that, given the resources he has access to as steward of Castle Blackthorne, that Shadrack might live just a touch of an extravagant life.  However, he really doesnt, his possessions are, not meager, but, comfortably humble without being sparse or spartan.  He does have his own set of chambers as afforded to him by his station as steward.  What takes up most of the space, are books and book shelves.  Hundreds of tomes line the walls, each one having been read at least once by the man over the course of time.  Beyond this, he has a beautifully detailed table sitting in what could ostensibly called his library, and a tea set sitting upon it.  Both of which are family heirlooms.

History - The BoneCleavers have been tied closely to the Blackthornes from the time of Aekros the Conqueror.  Aekros and Lunaria were close as children, having grown up in the same nomadic tribe.  Aekros was the chiefs youngest son, and Lunaria, who more frequently went by Nar(Gnar), his parents had really wanted a daughter and already had the name picke out before his birth.  Nar did not have a family name, but during the future wars and battles the two of them took part in, he had a preference for a large axe that somewhat resembled a cleaver.  He was no slouch with it, in his prime easily able to "cleave" a persons arm from their body, many times leaving the joint intact, simply cutting straight through the bone itself. Thus earning the name BoneCleaver.  However, it was off the field of battle, in the organization of not only their camp, but the growing following of people that Aekros gathered as they went.  Upon the official formation of Kingdom Blackthorne, Aekros offered him a jarldom of his own.  But, Lunaria declined, instead preffering to take up the official mantle of Steward.  Since that day, while House Bonecleaver does have its own land and estates, and others have served in several different capacities, there was always been one who has stood and served as steward to the royal family.  It has not always been a male, as like in nearly all things in that society women are treated as equals.  Nor has the position passed from father or mother to son or daughter, sometimes it has gone from aunt to nephew, uncle to niece, and  in one odd twist where the former died from a ruptured bowel, cousin to cousin.  The person who fills the position is chosen by the family and then accepted with open arms by the royal family.  Anyone who works in the castle falls under his domain.  From the lowliest scullery maid all the way up to the Lord Guard Captain.  While the guard captain has, at times, been the steward as well, Shadrack has not a militarily tactical bone in his body, so someone who has some knowledge and ability with it was instead selected for the position.
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Shadrack BoneCleaver
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