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 How to Play The Die Game in The Casino.

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PostSubject: How to Play The Die Game in The Casino.   Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:32 pm

How to Play The Die Game at The Casino.

You can play at The Casino in Hiraeth to double your Site points! If you have a small amount of points, and wish to earn more fast, you can try your luck at the Casino. You're not always going to win, keep that in mind, you have more chance of losing your points than winning; but when you do win, you'll get your fair share.

It is played as follows (Before submitting a betting post please make sure to read the "Guide on Betting" below so you understand completely how it works.):

We have a system in place where the odds are purely chance.

  • You will make the first post under The Casino Board. In the first post - the post that begins the thread, you cannot roll a die. So you cannot gamble on your first post.
  • You cannot play a bet in the "Quick reply" box. You must click the "Reply" button:

  • Now, create your post as per normal, playing out your character and his/ her actions before, during and after placing the bet but do not click "send" until you have made sure the following are within the post:

    • Note down the numbers you choose for your bet, either play them in bold and relay them to your comrades or the NPC Steward.
    • Play out your character placing exactly how much points you wish to bet(Like money, you must have the right amount of pints in order to bet them), by having your character place them upon the table in the post.
    • Play out the steward rolling the die in your post and choose your die.
      Below the reply box you will see a banner like this:

      Where it reads "Dices roll #1" there is a box beside it, click it and choose "10 Sided Die"

      Next, there is another box to the right, it will have the number 1 in it.
      This depicts the amount of times you wish to roll the die.

      Clear the number 1 and choose a number between 1 and 4 in it's place. I will choose 3.

      Make sure your post is perfect, if you edit your post after you have rolled a die, the winnings will not be handed to you as we cannot tell if you have cheated.
      Click "Send".

  • The Game Master will enter as a steward for the game and roll your die. The numbers and the post will be automatically chosen at random from a generated Die Roller by the forum host.
  • You may post again to "collect your winnings" or let your comrades continue in posting order. That is completely up to those playing.
  • Once the thread is finished, and your character has left the casino, contact a member of staff to calculate and claim your points. If you do not contact a member of staff, your points will not be given to you; and if your betting post has been edited, you will not receive the points won in conjunction to that post - so make sure it is correct upon first submission!

Guide on Betting.

  • There is one die you may roll up to four times. Depending on your enthusiasm, you can choose to roll any number of times from one to four in a single turn. Upon each roll you have chosen, you will pick a number from 1 – 10. (This will be displayed in your post, written by you.)
  • The odds will be 10 – 1. This means that for every point you bet, you will win ten point for each die that lands upon the number you have guessed.
  • So, for example I bet upon three die,and pick the numbers 3, 5 and 6; and I bet two points on each roll – six points in total that I hand to the steward (Done in Role Play).

  • The Game Master will enter as a steward for the game and roll your die. The numbers will be automatically chosen at random from a generated Die Roller. For each number that is guessed correctly, you will win ten points. For example: The numbers  chosen were 3, 5 and 6, the numbers rolled are: 5, 3 and 10. I won twice on this roll. 3 and 5. So I won a total of forty points.
  • The odds are 10-1. Which means for every point that I bet and win on, I win 10.
    I bet two points each = six points and I won on two die. I lost two points, but won with four - four times 10 is forty.

Though, let's think about it strategically moment. I bet six of my existing points, and won forty in return. Leaving me thirty-four points up. I have thirty-four more points now than when I started.
If I had not rolled a single number that was guessed on each of my die, I would be six points down. For example: Let's say I started with ten points in my account, I bet six of those. So now I have four points in my account. I lost on each die – Those six points are taken from my account and now I have only four points.

Should you win points, you will be awarded them in your account at the time of winning.

As usual, if there is anything that is unclear for you, please contact a member of staff for clarification.
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How to Play The Die Game in The Casino.
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