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 Elle's History Audition 1

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PostSubject: Elle's History Audition 1   Elle's History Audition 1 EmptyThu Mar 01, 2018 1:52 am

History? You mean I have to fill this out…How lame. You want to know about me? Fine, sit down, shut up, and for god’s sake, quit staring at my breast..

First Memories

It was on a cold November night, the streets were slick with ice and snow as it had continued to fall in large white clumps. She was bundled in a jacket, her hands covered, and the laces tied tight on her boots. Her left hand was warm, the one in which Mother held. It was warm, yet strong and had kept her from falling many times as she had slipped on the ice. Mother had been unusually quiet as she led us through the streets, hushing me when I opened my mouth, but squeezed my hand in reassurance.

A large building loomed up ahead; it was tall and scary and reminded me of monsters lurking behind its door. I didn’t want to go and silently prayed that that wasn’t where we were going…The three steps that led up to the looming door was dusted with salt crystals. Mother’s knock had been loud and clear, it frightened me to be on these steps, I stepped into mother’s shadow, clinging to her leg. The door creaked opened spilling light into the vast night, a shade brighter then the snow covered street lamps, barely illuminating the streets beyond. I hid my face not wanting the monster to see me; already the shadows crept to my will, wanting to hide me as well.

A force knocked me forward; it took me a moment to realize Mother had nudged me from her side into the waiting arms of the two women that opened the door. Their arms circled me, their scents settling heavily. I don’t like them, this place. I look for Mother but she has moved to the side talking to yet another woman, pushing things into her hands. I hear her say my name over the loud pounding of my heart and the rush of my blood in my ears. I’m scared, something doesn’t feel right. What is Mother doing, why are we here? I hear mother utter a spell as the objects are thrust into the lady’s hands. I am too young to understand what those lyrical words mean, but the woman in front of Mother, her face becomes lax and she nods putting the items away behind the desk. I struggle to free myself from the arms that are bound tightly around me, I scream for my Mother, for the only person I’ve ever known since birth, she is my whole world; my everything.

“Take me with you!” I plead with my gaze, with my cries. Mother’s shoulders stiffen then hunch over, a sound escapes, not audible to the ladies, but I hear. I have super hearing, a Gift from my Father among other things that I have, mother has told me time and time again. Mother seems sad, I feel like she will turn to me, protect me from those that have my arms bound, but she does not, she turns stiffly and heads for the exit without a second glance my way.

This memory is all that sticks with me through the long years I have stayed at the orphanage; I know longer recall the warmth and love of a Mother before this day. I am caged inside these walls, something animalistic urging me to be free, but I cannot, not yet.

The other children in the orphanage regard me cruelly, they pick on the way my eyes look, the color of my hair. I am the creepy kid that none wish to befriend, no matter how nice I am, no matter how hard I try for them to like me.

The days turn into months, the months into years. I have learned to be on my own, to entertain myself as I deal with the loneliness that sits heavily within my heart. I take all that I am and all that I feel to bed with me each night, this place is getting unbearable. The isolation, the whispers they think I can’t hear.
On my eighth name day, the day in which I was born, these feelings I keep bottled up are close to spilling out. That night, my pillow is lumpy and I am unable to sleep. I reach under to smooth out the lumps and my knuckles hit something solid. This is the night I find The Book, the Power of Dor. This is the night my life changes for the better.

The feelings that are so desperate to spill free, soon dull as I touch the book, it fills me with such emotion that I forget how lonely I am. As I watch, the lettering on the front cover, which I was not able to read at first, begin to move into words I know. I read them aloud and the latch on the side of the book clicks open. Intrigued, I open the book and greedily read over the words on the pages as they become clear to me. From this night forward, my days and nights are no longer lonely. The Book has taught me how to use the shadows, to manipulate them into toys for me to play with. I am content, until the children’s whispers begin again.

Soon, those whispers grow in content, but I am happy, as I am the one that has spread the gossip. The children of the orphanage grow weary as I approach, speculating that I am the one messing with them. Some have found their toys outside in the mud, others their juice boxes randomly blowing up in their faces and for some, their shoes are thrown over the power lines that race across the yard, among other things. The night is my playground, the shadows now alive at my bidding, and as I lay in my own bed, I smirk as I hear the other children cry out in terror. That will teach them to be mean to me. These games keep me sane, and each night I learn more and more from the Power of Dor. It teaches me magical runes called Aons. My shadow puppets are my friends, keeping me company and helping me play games with the others, but as I learn about the Aons, an idea strikes. Using what I’ve learned, I’ve given my Shadow Puppets life like appearances as the Aons affect reality. I am not good at this in the beginning, but I learn and I master. I call this my Deception.

As I learn and get better at Deception with the Shadows and my Magic, a plan of escape forms. I will leave this place before my 18th name day; I must, for the feeling inside me grows each year. It is both scary and exciting, this animalistic feeling inside my chest, wanting to be free. I often dream I can shift, that I am other. If only…

The Dor teaches me much and my confidence in my ability and myself grow with each teaching. I am no longer the sniffling child that cried for her Mother nor the shut in as the other children’s whispers taunted me. I am Powerful and Beautiful. I have matured and grown into my lanky body. The other children’s glances and hushed tones no longer bother me. I do as I please in this place, no one stops me.

A gaggle of teens are always gathered around Libby’s table. She is the most popular girl here. The most sought after. She even has a boyfriend and rumors spread that they have gone all the way. The group is impressed by her looks, they dote on everything she says, and she is queen of this place, but not any longer. I will take what’s hers.

My body sways as if to music, I am confident. I am Power. I am More. The group turns as if lured by an unseen force and gasps at my approach. I too have matured and by their looks, I matured well. I size Libby up and smirk, my breasts are bigger than Libby’s. I am more exotic, more beautifully alluring. I am a mystery that the boys now want to solve, to know in the most intimate of ways. My lips curl seductively at Clive, Libby’s boyfriend. I make my way towards the group, I look up to Clive, trail my hands down his chest, his arm already reaching to touch me. I hear Libby sputter and stand, the shadows do my bidding. She stands yelling at Clive and me, but the little push to her tray and it flips over into her lap. The group starts laughing at her; I hide my smirk and wink at Clive making my way elsewhere. From that day forward, Libby is no longer Queen or the most sought after. I have them eating out of the palm of my hand, and it feels glorious, as they both fear and want me, but I am still restless and ready to leave this place.

My fifteenth name day is today. The Shadows and the Aons have fooled the Sisters on many occasions. I keep my Shadow self in her room reading, the Aons help with speech and looks, as they distort the Sisters reality into thinking I am there and that I have answered their questions.

I create another deception this night, one of me in my room yet again, as this is my favorite place. The Sister’s know this, their fear of me almost as bad as the teens, but doing God’s work, I am I child and they must do their best to teach me. It’s all utter non-sense, and they have learned to keep their distance. Swathed in Shadow, I slip from the room leaving my shadow self and the Aons to do their job of Deception. My fingers are already etching Aons that will distort reality once more: That of a Sister going to the front and gathering my parcel that Mother left behind for me. I cannot get it myself as I am not of age to leave, they would not willingly hand it over. The Sister’s minds are easily clouded with the Deception and soon I have all that is mine. The restlessness grows inside me, but my timing must be perfect.

The clothes on my back, my precious book, and the gifts Mother entrusted to the Orphanage are now in my possession. It’s time to go. The Shadows once again come to my aid. The night is cold and dusted with snow, it reminds me of that night, but nothing can bring me down, for I am finally free.

Formidable years

Being on my own is hard and terrifying, and yet exhilarating. I no longer have the luxuries that the orphanage provided, but I am also no longer caged, slowly dying in that place. I find my footing in the new world, keeping a low profile. I soon learn the ways of the land; I find a nice place to call my own. It’s within city limits, but in a rundown part of time. Crime is always happening, but I don’t mind. The shadows keep me hidden, keep my place hidden. The Aons surround my place, layers of protection fused within each etching. The windows are all boarded, but that’s fine with me, I like the darkness. To spruce up my place, I take stuff from here and there. The people out there have much, they won’t mind, and if they do, I’m long gone before they even know what they’re missing.

I’m coming from town, getting back from another grab and go. My bags are stuffed with clothes, food, and a book I confiscated. I walk proudly down my road, the bag slung over my shoulder. I’m confident of this place, it’s mine and mine alone, so I pay no attention to the sirens that are blaring or to the male that runs past almost knocking me down. Footsteps are behind him, the cops. Cursing, I stuff what I can into the bag and run for safety. I hear the police man shout a warning for me to stop running, I don’t.

I round the corner of my home and run into something solid, strong arms warp around me and pin me to the wall. I look up, it’s the male. He has dusty blond hair, and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. I automatically reach for the Power of Dor and my shadows, but nothing comes. He blocks my body from view, keeping me pinned with just his size and strength, he tells me to hush just as the cops run past.

Enter Connor: The next chapter of my life. He’s a big pain in the butt if you ask me. In fact, I don’t even like him that much, but he wouldn’t leave me alone. I was still a kid and shouldn’t be on my own he tells me and a girl at that. That comment sets me off. After that big day where he brought the cops to my door, he never let me be alone again, no matter how many times I attempted to scare him off. After a while I get used to him coming around, even expect it. He won me over in the end, what could I say. Next thing I know, I move to his spot with his gang. From there, I learned so many new things of survival without using my gifts. To name a few:

How to start a fire
How to pick locks
How to move from building to building stealthily, they call it parkour. (It’s a lot of fun; I’m a natural of course!)

His gang consisted of ratty, snot nose, street kids all who were around my age, whose parents didn’t want them. Sound familiar? It’s the story of my life, but it pulled something within me, so I stayed for a time. Conner was also good looking, but he kept me in the friend/sister zone, saying I was too young. I didn’t feel young. The Power of Dor and the Aons have opened my eyes to all sorts of things. This rejection just added another layer of ice over my heart; so I used them just as they used me. I took what they taught me as it helped with my survival, my skills and magic helping with theirs. It was a trade off. As it was with the orphanage, the longer I stayed the more restless I became. Once I was sure that those brats could manage on their own, I said my goodbyes and left.

I moved from city to city taking what only I owned and stealing the things I needed. I ran into a few different crowds’ on my journey, some I “joined” only when it was convenient for me or if I needed something badly and didn’t want to get my hands dirty, but it was always the same. The only wanted me around because I was useful, well I was done with people using me. I didn’t need anyone, I had my Powers.

The city was my playground, the clubs drawing me to them each night. Although not of age, that didn’t matter when you looked like I do and can do the things I can. A seductive smile, a glimpse of cleavage, a provocative suggestion, and of course my fake ID never hurt and I got in to all the ritzy places. The music called to me, I could let myself flow with the tune, it was freeing, no reigns, no thoughts, just me, the music, loving the night life, loving every minute of it. Doing my thing, my way. No rules.

There is still that part inside of me that makes me restless; I can never stay in one place for too long. Where I go, where I end up, is a new journey that I meet head on. I go wherever the wind guides me. I am a free.


My eighteenth name day was three days ago, there was not much of a celebration as it was just me, my Shadows, and my Power, oh and a bus full of strangers for four days straight. I have a window seat, so that’s something. I can watch the world go by as I head to this new destination, but the guy next to me reeks; sometimes I hate my super sensitivity.

Wherever I end up, I’ll make the best of it, I always do because I’m awesome! And so, I find myself here… eager to see what new things await me…

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Elle's History Audition 1
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